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Professional office cleaningJanitorial and Office Cleaning in Mesa

The many Mesa cleaning services available through Compass Cleaning Solutions make us a proven leader in the Arizona business cleaning industry. Part of the appeal of our Mesa janitorial services and commercial cleaning options is that we clean on a schedule created firmly with your needs in mind. When you hire our janitorial company for commercial carpet cleaning, commercial window cleaning, floor cleaning, or any other service, we’ll sit down with you and determine the frequency of visits that works for you and never pressure you to divert from that schedule.

No other janitorial company gets to know their clients quite like us, and this attention to detail allows us to determine not only the Mesa business cleaning services you need but also the frequency with which you need them. Our cleaning services include:
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Mop and bucketMake Compass Cleaning Solutions your choice for all your Mesa commercial cleaning and janitorial services needs.

Clients who have used our Mesa cleaning services become loyal clients, and the impeccable reputation we’ve garnered in terms of our commercial cleaning efforts speaks for itself. It isn’t easy to find a dependable janitorial company, but you’ll find something different in our Mesa janitorial services.

From commercial carpet cleaning to commercial window cleaning and every business cleaning option in between, we remain committed to the satisfaction of our clients!

If you’re in need of cleaning services, our Mesa business cleaning experts would like to speak to you. We’ll clean as little or as often as you’d like, and no job is too large or small for us. Compass Cleaning Solutions invites you to learn more about our janitorial services and secure the best in Mesa commercial cleaning services on your schedule.

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Commercial carept cleaningNo self-respecting office would be caught dead without a carpeted floor. Carpets offer many advantages in an office setting. Not only do they provide superior aesthetics that add to the overall charm and polished appeal of an office, but they also improve soundproofing and acoustics. So useful and integral is the carpet to modern office design that you will almost never encounter an office that doesn't have it in one form or another. But for all of its beauty, there is one very problematic thing about carpets – they are very difficult to clean.

Regardless of the type of carpet an office sports, it will eventually gather dust and stains which will require a thorough cleaning. Thankfully, there is excellent commercial carpet cleaning services available that can make something tedious and time-consuming look like a walk in the park!

The Advantages of Commercial Cleaning Services

Maintaining an office can be a very stressful job if left to regular janitors. While they are paid to oversee the upkeep of the workplace, they may not always be equipped with the right kind of tools to deal with things like deep-seated carpet stains, mold, or undesirable odors. In most cases, office management overlooks the general upkeep of an area not for lack of attention, but due to having been bombarded by far more pressing matters that involve the business at large. Thankfully, commercial cleaning in Mesa AZ services provides precisely the right kind of solutions that will allow an office to function at its best without having to worry about trivial matters.

Here are just some of the advantages they have to offer

Professional Carpet Cleaning, Repair, and Maintenance – any office with a carpet will need professional help to ensure that it remains clean, odor-free, and looking its best all year long! Commercial carpet cleaning AZ services include regular and general upkeep, stain removal, mold eradication, deodorizing, and pest termination.

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Post construction cleanupGeneral Upkeep and Sanitation

Offices require routine cleanups to ensure that sanitation and orderliness are maintained. Professional cleaning services guarantee that every area of an office is kept sanitized and free from pathogens that may cause illness with the help of janitorial cleaning services.


Office spaces can accumulate an assortment of odors. Even with proper ventilation and air-conditioning, musty or off smells can still develop, especially during summer and wintertime.

Professional cleaning services ensure that your office space smells fresh and odor-free all year using a combination of specialized deodorizing equipment and general cleaning regimens that ensure unwanted smells are eliminated even before they become evident.


Post-construction cleanup

A growing business will undoubtedly expand its confines, and nothing is worse than cleaning up after the construction crew. Thankfully, there are professionals who will gladly do the job for you, so it's business as usual for everybody else.

Compass Cleaning Solutions provides these and myriad other services that help to ensure the smooth and efficient function of an office. If you're looking for corporate cleaning in Tempe, AZ, or commercial cleaning in Mesa, AZ, that delivers unparalleled quality and reliability, Compass Cleaning Solutions is your best pick! Visit our website today for a free quote!  


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