Medical Office and Facility Cleaning Services

Healthcare office cleaningMedical, dental and healthcare office cleaning requires special attention. With Compass Cleaning Solutions that is exactly what you get. We are a health care office cleaning company that understands that you, more than most, understand and require attention to factors that contribute to the health of your staff and patients.

We use all organic cleaning products in conjunction with Microfiber towels, mops and dusters to eliminate airborne dust and residual bacteria. Using all organic cleaning products insures that your clients and patients will not be exposed to harsh chemical residue that can cause illness or allergic reactions.

The use of flat mop systems eliminates the concerns of cross-contamination. Because dirty pads are regularly being exchanged for clean ones, dirt or bacteria from one area is not re-introduced somewhere else. The use of microfiber has been proven to dramatically reduce levels of bacteria on hard surfaces significantly over cotton or synthetic fabrics.

We also understand that patient privacy is critical. This is why we train each of our personnel the rules regarding HIPAA regulations. You can be sure that your doctors office cleaning crew will protect your privacy.

Why us:

  • We understand the restraints of HIPAA requirements
  • Our green products resolve the concerns surrounding MRSA and other infectious bacteria
  • We clean and disinfect your exam rooms and operatories using all organic products
  • MRI and X-ray room cleaning
  • Cleaning systems designed to use tools, products and procedures designed to reduce or eliminate cross-contamination

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