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Cleaning carpetDo your carpets have spots and stains? Can you see trails through your office? You are not alone. Within the first 15-20 feet from any outside entrance to your offices, 80-90% of all dirt is tracked into your building. Left uncleaned it will continue to be moved farther and farther into your building. Regular vacuuming in conjunction with walk off mats will do wonders for the appearance of your carpet and will produce a more healthy environment for your employees.

That first 20 feet is the public’s first impression of your business. Spots and stains may be costing you business and you don’t even know it. Compass can provide a maintenance program that will regularly extract the dirt and maintain the clean look of your building and increase the life of your carpet. It also might just gain you a client or two.

When you need carpet cleaning Compass will be there to help with annual extraction or interim low moisture encapsulation cleaning to maintain the beauty of your building.

Why us:

  • We use balanced PH cleaning solutions for safety and protection of your carpet
  • Interim maintenance using an encapsulation process that both cleans and revitalizes your carpet
  • Regular spot removal during our normal weekly maintenance schedule
  • Restored ‘like new’ look
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