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Apartment turnover cleaningCompass is experienced in turning over apartments quickly and efficiently. We can turn that vacant unit into a rent-ready unit in the shortest time. We also can help with common-area maintenance. Do your cabanas need to be cleaned after special events? Does the equipment in the weight room need to be disinfected and wiped down? Compass is there.

Why us:

  • Proven maintenance scheduling for fast turnaround
  • Safe organic cleaning products
  • Disinfectants that have shorter kill times
  • Unmatched scheduling procedures
  • Day porter services for day time maintenance
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Rent ready apartmentsWhat is the difference between hiring maintenance staff to clean versus an outsourced service?

In our experience it has less to do with experience and more to do with efficient use of time and people. Maintenance staffs have a tough job. They are typically pulled in 20 directions at once. Adding the turn cleaning to their already full schedule and expecting everything to go smoothly is asking for a problem. We get that. We work with apartment management to schedule when repairs and upgrades will be finished and when new tenants will move in. We then schedule our crews to coincide with those dates so that the apartment is ready to show as quickly as possible.

Additionally, most maintenance staff are really good at things that are a priority, unfortunately cleaning is not one of them. Proper cleaning requires knowledge of products and equipment to insure the apartment is clean and ready to be occupied. Maintenance employees don't have time to learn one more job and set of skills, their time is better used somewhere else.

We are professionals and can do the cleaning faster and with better results because this is our focus.

How do we schedule with you to have each apartment cleaned in time?

There are programs on the market that are designed just for this purpose, but we can also work with you to create a unique plan designed for your situation. We have experience with this type of scheduling and will be happy work with you.

Generally you will know when a tenant is moving out and you will know what needs to be repaired or touched up, which should give you a timeline. Once we know that we can schedule our people to clean one or multiple units in a day.

What services do you provide for apartment cleans?

We typically will do floors, carpets, ovens and bathrooms, as well as cleaning out all cabinets and dusting all lights and fans. Depending on the accessibility and height of the unit we will also do windows.

We do not do any repairs or construction, but we pretty much do everything else.

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