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Cleaning apartmentsKeeping an apartment occupied is critical to your business. Vacancies are lost income. If a unit is not ready for occupancy quickly it can mean you lose a prospective tenant. Compass is experienced in turning over apartments quickly and efficiently. Let us show you how we can turn that vacant unit into a rent ready unit in the shortest time.

Compass can also help you with the common area maintenance as well. Do your cabana’s need to be cleaned after special events? Compass is there. Do the grounds need policing daily? Compass is there. Does the equipment in the weight room need to be disinfected and wiped down? Compass is there.

Why us:

  • Touch-up cleaning prior to prospect viewing
  • Post Construction cleaning after tenant improvements are completed
  • Interim touch-up cleaning during periods of vacancy
  • Our janitorial staff works on a predetermined schedule with your leasing staff
  • Our custodial staff will provide solutions for odor remediation around dumpsters
  • Compass Cleaning Solutions will work side by side with your other maintenance crews
  • We have proven products to solve your hard water stains
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Move in and Move out cleaningWhat is Tenant Move In or Move Out cleaning?

You own a building and you have tenants, but not all of them stay forever. Once one tenant moves out and improvements are completed to satisfy the new tenant, cleaning will need to be done. This is where we come in.

There are other scenarios as well. If a suite is not occupied for a long period you may need to clean the space to show it for lease. We can help with this situation as well.
We understand that getting a suite ready quickly and addressing the details without delay is the most important focus. You want the suite occupied sooner than later and you want a happy tenant. We get that and can help.

When do you do the cleaning?

Normally that is up to the schedule set by the Facilities manager or the General Contractor in coordination with the last few subs. In any case we are going to be available as quickly as we can once the final subs are done or wrapping up.

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