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Offering Event Cleanup for Indoor and Outdoor Venues

Are you throwing an event or party in Phoenix, AZ or a neighboring city? If so, then you have likely put a lot of thought into every detail of the party. However, have you determined who is going to clean up after the party? At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we have extensive experience with post-event cleaning after major events, especially events that hold special meaning or are important to you.

Serving Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas, our event cleanup crew will clean up all the food and drinks that fell on the carpet, mop the floors and clean up all the excess debris to ensure your office or facility is ready for work the next business day.

If you are looking for expert event cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ, then look no further than Compass Cleaning Solutions. We will provide you with affordable and efficient commercial cleaning services for your special event.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at the customer reviews on our website and Google Business page. Our current and former customers trust us more than any other event cleaning service in the greater Phoenix area. For more information about our indoor and outdoor event cleaning services, submit your request for a free quote today. We look forward to discussing the details of your event and making your post-event cleanup stress free and cost-effective.

We Provide Customized Special Event Cleaning Services

Most people and businesses do not throw parties on a regular basis. Special events are typically saved for certain occasions, such as holidays, birthdays or milestone events. As a result, it is important that every aspect of your party go according to plan. This includes the post-event cleanup that will require professional help at an affordable price.

At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we provide customized special event cleaning services for clients throughout Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas. Whether you are throwing a corporate event or helping your daughter plan her wedding, our cleaning technicians will take care of the post-event cleanup. You deserve to enjoy every moment of your party and not think about the condition of the event space once the party is over. Let us do that for you! Our meticulous cleaners will conduct a thorough sweep of the venue and ensure every surface is sanitized and in mint condition.

To learn more about our expert event cleaning services, call today to chat with our team and receive a free quote. We will answer your questions and help you create a cleaning schedule tailored to your particular event space and party needs.

After party cleanup

Post Event Cleaning Services We Provide

Are you looking for someone to clean up after your event? If so, then give Compass Cleaning Solutions a chance! Our industrial cleaning technicians will ensure a hassle-free ending to your event by thoroughly and efficiently cleaning your event or office space. We will leave your facility looking as wonderful as it did before the party began. The post-event cleaning services we provide include trash removal, carpet cleaning, floor maintenance, set-up of tables and furniture, restroom cleaning, restocking of supplies and specialty requests.

Our commercial cleaners are proud to help both large and small scale events with their event cleaning needs. We pride ourselves on providing expert cleaning services for many different events and venues and do our best to exceed the expectations of our customers. This explains why we are consistently rated as one of the top commercial cleaning services in the greater Phoenix area. Call today to schedule an initial consultation with our highly valued post-event cleaning team.

Affordable Event Cleaning Services in Phoenix, AZ

At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we have years of commercial and janitorial cleaning experience. Our CCS franchisees know customers want event cleaning services that are affordable and effective. You can rest assured knowing our post-event cleaning services are simple, affordable and tailored to meet your specific needs. Give us a call today to book an appointment with our experienced and cost-effective commercial cleaning team.

Phoenix Event Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

The commercial cleaners at Compass Cleaning Solutions have experience cleaning up after a wide range of parties and events. If you are looking for a professional cleaning service in Phoenix, AZ, then please consider using us. We have compiled a list of questions our clients frequently ask about our event cleaning services, along with answers to each question. Please reach out to us if you have additional questions or would like to receive a free quote.

What Kind of Cleaning Do You Do After an Event?

The answer to that depends on the event. We have cleaned parking lots, small stadiums, office spaces, public spaces and more. Usually, outdoor events require mostly trash and debris clean up and removal. Sometimes, we may move and reset furniture for indoor activities. If restrooms or other areas within an office are made available to the public, then we will restore those to the pre-event conditions utilizing our team of cleaning professionals. Generally, anything that has been impacted by the event is an area we will potentially clean.

Does the Size of an Event Make Any Difference?

Not really. With any event in Phoenix, we staff to the size and time constraints set by the client. Once we know the scope of work and time requirements, we establish our schedule to accommodate the conditions. For us, nothing is too small or too complicated.

Are Church Events Different From Other Types of Events?

The actual cleaning is no different. Trash will need to be emptied and hauled away. Our commercial cleaners will clean and restock the restrooms, mop the floors, vacuum the carpets and touch up windows and entry doors.

The primary difference is the scheduling. Church events often require a quick turnaround between services. Although this can get tricky and sometimes confusing, we understand that and will work with you to create a workable schedule.

The trick is communication. Complete transparency and rapid communication about the event will go a long way toward achieving a smooth operation and a successful event.

Find Quality Event Cleaning Services Near Phoenix, AZ

Throwing a party for your loved ones or employees is a great experience. However, the post-event cleanup is not as enjoyable. In fact, it can actually take away from the joy of throwing an event. At Compass Cleaning Solutions, our event cleaning services are perfect for both residential and commercial parties. We provide our customers with quality and affordable cleaning services that meet all of your individual requirements.

If you are looking for quality event cleaning services near Phoenix, AZ, then contact us today at 602-691-6256. You can also fill out our online contact form to request a free quote. We are more than ready to customize our services to accommodate your venue or specific needs. Call today!

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