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Day PorterProviding Daytime Service for Tenants and Clients Alike

Multi-story, multi-tenant buildings often require daytime attention for all of the common areas. Maybe its the bathrooms that need restocking or the trash cans need emptied in the lobbies. Perhaps its keeping the grounds free of trash or mopping the lobby to prevent slips. Whatever it is, as your janitorial service provider, Compass Cleaning Solutions can provide Day Porters to fill that need regardless of whether it's for an hour a day or eight, whether its one day a week or seven.

Why Compass Cleaning Solutions?

  • Common area policing for trash and debris
  • Restroom maintenance
  • Supply restocking
  • Spill clean up
  • Emergency cleaning for tenants

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Day Porter ServiceWhat is Day Porter Service?

Larger office buildings will often have common areas that are used by the entire building staff, visitors and guests. It is important that those areas are maintained consistently throughout the day. This is where a Day Porter comes in. We restock and clean restrooms, lobby's, stairwells, elevators, patios and hallways during business hours.

Who should consider Day Porter Service?

If you have shift workers, and lots of them, there is no real down time to clean the office building. Having Day Porters continually maintaining the facility is the best solution.

Large office buildings with multiple tenants and the building is open to the public, are also prime candidates for Day Porter service.

Event venues that serve multiple events per day can also benefit from our janitorial cleaning services.

The fact is that any facility that experiences high levels of traffic in their common areas, both internally and externally, on a daily basis, is a prime candidate.

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COVID-19 Disinfection

Protecting your staff and your customers from unseen viruses is critical. Here is a how we disinfect and protect your facility against the COVID-19 and other viruses that may invade your space. Watch Video >
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