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Commercial Floor CleaningThe appearance of your commercial flooring can affect the bottom line of your business. Dirty floors suggest to potential customers that they are better off taking their business elsewhere. Maintaining the flooring of your building sends a positive message and instills confidence in customers as soon as they walk through the door.

Additionally, maintaining your flooring is also the key to long-term protection. You will spend less money on upkeep in the future if you commit to maintaining your flooring in the present.

This is exactly why you should take advantage of our commercial floor cleaning services in Phoenix, AZ. At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we have experience with stone, wood, vinyl, concrete and more. Whatever your flooring needs are, we can include them in your overall maintenance program.

If you are interested in hiring a commercial floor cleaner, then please reach out to us immediately for a free quote. We promise to go the extra mile to make your floors shine. Call today to learn how we can help your facility make its best impression.

About Our Commercial Floor Cleaning Company

Are you looking for a commercial floor cleaning company in Phoenix, AZ? If so, then Compass Cleaning Solutions has the experience and skill to give your floors a great looking appearance and shine. Our skilled technicians are certified and dependable and have experience working with the majority of hard floor surfaces. We encourage you to try our professional floor cleaning services and see the results for yourself.

Our experienced floor cleaning company services the majority of commercial spaces, including large buildings, offices and restaurants. Discover how we can keep your floors protected and consistently clean by giving us a call. Our commercial floor cleaners will come to your facility and help you determine the right floor cleaning regimen for your business. Reach out to us today to receive a free commercial floor cleaning quote.

Professional Floor Cleaning Services Near Phoenix, AZ

The floor cleaners at Compass Cleaning Solutions provide comprehensive cleaning for all floor types. However, each type of floor requires a different approach and equipment to make the cleaning successful. Our CCS franchisees have experience cleaning and polishing the following types of commercial flooring.
  • Hardwood
  • Vinyl
  • Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)
  • Wood
  • Laminate
  • Linoleum
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • And More
There are many advantages to hiring our professional floor cleaning company. For example, our technicians understand that preparation is 90 percent of a quality floor finish. We scrub, strip and refinish floors using only the newest tools and technology. Additionally, we know how to apply non-metallic floor finishes for cleanroom applications. The knowledge we have collected throughout the years is what separates us from other cleaning companies in the Phoenix area. It is also why we are consistently recognized as one of the top commercial cleaning services around.


Buffing Floor in Commercial Building

Commercial Floor Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we aim to provide every business owner with quality customer service. We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about commercial floor cleaning, along with answers to each question. If you have additional questions, then please do not hesitate to call. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced cleaning technicians will be more than glad to assist you.

What Kind of Floors Do I Have?

If you own a building or are responsible for the maintenance of your building or suite in Phoenix, then this is one of the best questions to ask. If you do not know the answer, then you should ask a professional.

This reason this is such a good question is that every floor and floor type should be maintained differently. Floors come in both natural and man-made varieties. From stone, wood, vinyl, rubber, bamboo, cork and cement, all of which are different surfaces that require distinctly different approaches to cleaning. Having the proper knowledge regarding your commercial floor type and their condition is essential to proper maintenance.

Unfortunately, there are untrained and uninformed contractors who believe you can treat every floor the same. Nothing is further from the truth. If you want great results, then your commercial contractor must understand the different varieties of flooring and what products and applications he or she should apply. In addition, he or she should have the skill set required to complete the task.

How Do I Take Care of My Floors?

If you are looking to take care of your floors, then knowing what kind of floors you have is the first step. The second step is knowing how to maintain them properly. This is where things often get confusing.

Understanding the terminology is a critical part of maintaining your commercial flooring. Too often, we see work being done that is unnecessary and more costly than required. Below, we have listed some terminology that is often used (oftentimes incorrectly) to describe maintenance needing to be done on a floor.

Floor Stripping – Stripping is the process of removing a topical finish from a hard floor such as VCT, concrete or other types of resilient flooring. A solvent (stripper) is applied to a floor, and a low-speed scrubbing machine is used in conjunction with a black scrubbing pad to remove all of the topical finish. An alternative process is to use a “dry prep” machine to effectively “sand” the topical finish to prepare it for additional layers of new finish.

Floor Scrubbing – Scrubbing is similar to stripping in that some finish is removed (top layers only), and a low-speed machine is used to remove the finish. The big difference is that a cleaning solution is used instead of a solvent stripper, and only the top layer of finish is removed.

Burnishing a Floor – Burnishing is a process used to polish a clean floor without scrubbing or adding fresh finish. The process requires a high-speed burnisher or a propane burnishing machine. The process effectively heats up the finish and then quickly cools to remove scratches and scuffs. It is typically an interim measure between scrubbing to maintain a shine. Under some circumstances, burnishing will also harden the finish and help it wear longer.

Buffing a Floor – Similar to burnishing, buffing is a process that helps to maintain a floor’s shine. In this case, a liquid finish product is applied to the floor, and a high-speed buffer polishes the floor. Your floor must be cleaned thoroughly prior to this process, as is the case with all finishing processes.

Floor Cleaning – This is the process of either using a dry dust mop (preferably a microfiber mop) or a damp mop (again, preferably a Microfiber flat mop) to remove dirt, dust and food and drink from the floor. This is the best way to reduce floor damage and extend the life of your floor finish.

Floor Finish – While the term “wax” is still used extensively in the cleaning industry, virtually all floor finishes today are synthetic compounds comprised of polymers, zinc and/or ceramic particles. Typically, polymer molecules are bonded via zinc particles to create a single solid layer of finish. In some cases where static is an issue, like in electronic and chip manufacturing, non-metallic bonding agents are used to achieving the same effect.

Historically, the finishing process required sealers to be added to the raw floor to allow for adhesion to the finish. Today, the properties of the floor finishes make this unnecessary. The technology has also made it possible to put down fewer coats of finish but still retain a high level of polymer “solids” on the floor and achieve sufficient floor protection. The consumer now knows that a finish can be laid down more quickly, costing less money and still getting satisfactory results.

How Often Should I Have My Floors Cleaned?

The easy answer is, “when it is needed.” However, who determines when it is needed? Developing the proper intervals between various types of floor maintenance requires a little experimentation. Again, the type of flooring has a great deal to do with this, along with how much wear and tear a floor takes in a given period of time.

It also depends on what level of shine is required and balancing that with your budget. Since any type of floor maintenance cost is mostly labor, the more often some form of maintenance is done, the higher your expenses will be. This is why your knowledge about flooring is supercritical. Too often, expensive refinishing is recommended when a simple scrub is all that is required.

At Compass Cleaning Solutions, our goal is to always provide you with what you need, when you need it and nothing more.

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