Apartment Turnover Cleaning Services in Phoenix, AZ

Apartment turnover cleaningAre you a property manager of an apartment building?
If so, you know that not all of your tenants stay forever. When the time comes and the occupants move out, it’s a race to take care of the necessary fixes, updates, and cleaning.

Are new tenants waiting in the hallway?

At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we get it. New residents are eager to move in, you want full occupancy quickly and you want it done right.
Since 2004, Compass Cleaning Solutions has been serving the commercial cleaning needs of clients in Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding communities.
When you need occupancy fast in your apartment, were here to help turn it over quickly for the next tenant! We can clean...
  • Apartments
  • Suites
  • Penthouse Condos
  • Lofts
We make it easy by providing floor to ceiling services! Once your resident moves out and your maintenance team completes the improvements such as painting, repairs, and upgrades, we’ll come in and take care of the important part, the apartment cleaning and detail work.
  • Touch-up cleaning before showing to potential tenants
  • Interim apartment touch-up cleaning during periods of vacancy
  • Post Construction cleaning after tenant improvements is completed
  • We use proven products that are all organic which are safe for people and kind to the environment
  • We utilize vacuums with HEPA filtration to ensure that dust and allergens do not get back into the air or are transferred to another surface
  • All of our green cleaning products are purchased in concentrated form to reduce packaging costs and generate less waste
  • Our Team understands the proper use and application of the products we use to provide the best results

We work side by side with Maintenance Crews

Commercial carpet cleaning

Our Janitorial Staff works will work side by side with your maintenance crew to quickly step in when they are done
  • We work on a predetermined schedule with your leasing staff
  • Our Custodial Staff can provide solutions for odor remediation around dumpsters
  • Compass Cleaning Solutions will work side by side with your other maintenance crews
  • We have proven products to solve your hard water stains

Green Cleaning Solutions

Compass Cleaning Solutions has made a conscious effort over the years to seek out and use the most effective commercial cleaning products while still maintaining green cleaning practices. With that being said, our team cleans with a powerful yet safe cleaning agent known as Chlorine Dioxide.
We made the choice long ago to use natural and eco-friendly commercial cleaning products. Bleach, chlorine and ammonium-based cleaning solvents don’t make it on our shelves. After all, why would we use solvents that leave hazardous residues behind?

Chlorine dioxide (CI02) is a cleaning product for odors and germs. Unlike traditional disinfectants that kill bacteria from the inside out in 7-10 minutes, chlorine dioxide works from the outside in, in 30-90 seconds. Chlorine dioxide...
  • Disinfects
  • Sanitizes
  • Deodorizes
CI02 is not a bleach, doesn't contain VOC's and is not carcinogenic. A highly effective cleaning product that fights odors, allergies, mold, and pathogens, and it does not create harmful by-products.

Commercial Cleaning with Microfiber Towels

In conjunction with highly effective natural solutions utilizing microfiber as a cleaning material traps the bacteria, dust and residue that isn’t just wiped off, rather it’s removed entirely. Unlike cotton towels, bacteria won’t grow or survive.

Microfiber towels contain more than 200,000 fibers per inch of fabric. They have the ability to absorb more than six times their weight in water making them more effective than cotton towels & mops.
  • Reliable Cleaning - Microfiber towels have shown to be 98.9 percent effective in removing bacteria. In comparison using conventional towels utilizing products such as bleach are only 92 percent effective.
  • Improved Protection – In the healthcare industry were preventing the spread of germs and potential infections, microfiber can reduce the potential spread of germs. According to a study at the University of California, Davis Medical Center, microfiber mops in comparison to cotton mops, reduced bacteria around 99 percent versus cotton mops at 30 percent.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Did you know that microfiber cloths save water? According to a study in 2002 by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, microfiber holds six times its weight in water making it far more absorbent than cotton loop mops. Saving water, microfiber also reduces the use of chemical cleaners.

Why Compass Cleaning Solutions?

Compass Cleaning Solutions believes in making our customers truly satisfied in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding communities. What sets us apart are our professional and customer-oriented services.
  • Unique business philosophy
  • Innovative cleaning technologies
  • Green practices
  • Franchise owners
  • Outstanding administrative support
Our success is tied to the success of our Franchise owners. We provide support to make sure every dollar they invest is profitable. We achieve this by providing the best service and training to prepare them for the world of business.

Their success is also ours, so we keep the communication lines open so we can answer their queries and provide them with guidance.

The Compass Difference

At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we distinguish ourselves from other commercial cleaning companies by making our services professional and more customer-oriented. We pay attention to every detail of cleaning and maintenance for your apartment building. To learn more about our apartment turnover cleaning services in Phoenix and surrounding areas, contact the professional commercial cleaners at Compass Cleaning Solutions for a free quote or call (877) 221-1213 today!
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