When it comes to Janitorial Cleaning does a Pretty Smell make it Clean?

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • May 17, 2019

LemonsDoes a pleasant smell indicate that a commercial building is clean?

Surprisingly most of us have been conditioned to believe that certain smells imply certain things. At some point during the march of technology a clever marketing person decided that they could distinguish their product from others by adding a scent which would then forevermore remind people of that product and the buying public would then go on to associate it with clean.

Smells like pine, lemon or even a slightly medicinal scents trigger our response mechanism and because of the clever marketing we immediately think clean. But is it really? 

Did you know that most cleaning products on the market today in their raw state have no odor at all? 
  • Cleaning products have perfumes added to convince us that they are clean
  • Perfumes and artificial scents leave residue
  • Artificial scents mask odors that are left behind

Do Cleaning Products Need to Smell Nice to be Effective?

Over the years technology has allowed us to develop newer, more powerful and safer products, but we are still ruled by our smell. It’s what we know. It’s what we have been conditioned to believe even in the face of empirical evidence to the contrary.

Does this mean that everything that has a smell is bad or is unsafe or doesn't work? Of course not.  But sometimes our noses can fool us.

Scents and smells are added to induce us to buy, they don't really improve the cleaning.

Green Cleaning & Nano-Natural Technology

The commercial cleaning industry does not have specifications for what type of cleaning agents are required. At Compass Cleaning, we made the choice to use natural and eco-friendly commercial cleaning products. Bleach, chlorine, and ammonium based cleaning solvents don’t make it on our shelves. After all, why would we use solvents that leave hazardous residues behind?

Nano-Natural Technology combines extremely small molecular structures and natural ingredients to break down the molecules of stains and soil for easy removal. By using natural ingredients, the solutions are able to imitate a pH level that is strong enough to kill bacteria in 60 seconds but safe enough for human skin to be exposed to.

With all natural and highly concentrated commercial cleaning products areas do not need to be saturated in order to clean and disinfect.

Microfiber Towels & Green Cleaning Products

In conjunction with highly effective natural solutions utilizing microfiber as a cleaning material traps the bacteria, dust and residue that isn’t just wiped off, rather it’s removed entirely. Unlike cotton towels, bacteria won’t grow or survive.

Microfiber towels contain more than 200,000 fibers per inch of fabric. They have the ability to absorb more than six times their weight in water making them more effective than cotton towels & mops.
  • Reliable Cleaning - Microfiber towels have shown to be 98.9 percent effective in removing bacteria. In comparison using conventional towels utilizing products such as bleach are only 92 percent effective.
  • Improved Protection – In the healthcare industry where preventing the spread of germs and potential infections, microfiber can reduce the potential spread of germs. According to a study at the University of California, Davis Medical Center, microfiber mops in comparison to cotton mops, microfiber towels reduced bacteria around 99 percent versus cotton mops at 30 percent.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Did you know that microfiber cloths save water? According to a study in 2002 by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency, microfiber holds six times its weight in water making it far more absorbent than cotton loop mops. Saving water, microfiber also reduces the use of chemical cleaners.

A Healthy Environment Means Healthy Employees

A healthy environment leads to healthier employees who take fewer sick days or show up to work sick less often. Sick employees, absent or present, can cause a 54% decrease in productivity and 39% drop in sales and customer service.

The cost in sick pay is not what is lost, it is the loss in productivity that is detrimental to a business. The cleanliness of every facility has a direct effect on the level of performance by staff and return visits of customers.

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