When is a grain of Sand more than a Grain of Sand?

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • April 03, 2020

At one point or another, we've all taken a walk down a sandy beach or played in the sandy area at the playground with our kids, and you know what happens, we get sand in our shoes, right?

Typically what we do is we get somewhere, and we dump the sand out and clean out our shoes, and we go home, or we head back to the parking lot or do something of that nature. But you know what happens right there is 1 or 2 or 3 little pieces of sand that get stuck in your shoe or will get stuck in your socks or something, and what do they begin to do?

They began to rub, and you may not even know about it or think about it in the beginning. Still, it gradually begins to rub in a particular area until you create a sore of some sort, and something real and significant, really minimal, has now turned into something really, really big. It's become something of a problem now.

Sometimes I think this is kind of what happens in janitorial cleaning. I sometimes think what happens is there's a lack of communication. One of the things I tell our staff all the time is that I can't fix what I don't know. I'm sure that's true with you as well. Some things are going to happen that if you say geez if I just knew that we would be able to fix it, and this true for us as well.

Communication is Key!

Often what happens is we don't have good communication, and when you don't have good communication, sometimes things get missed, and the things that get missed become those little grains of sand.

The grains of sand become those little irritations to grow into something much bigger and much more painful and much more challenging to address. So, one thing we try to encourage people to do is to think about us as a partner, and we work together.

We can't be in your facility every single minute, every single day, finding particular things that may be an irritation for you. But we can address those quickly if we know what they are.

And so what I would say is that if you have an opportunity to let us know about those things we can address those things very, very, very quickly, and typically we do. 

Now, how do you do that?

Well, most traditional companies have what we call a logbook, and that's fine except that there are a couple of deficiencies with the logbook. For example, a logbook is a written document, it's a physical document, and often they get shuffled around, and they get lost.
Often we're not in your facility on a regular daily basis, and so we might be in twice a week, and so you'll write down a note, and we don't see that note until two days later. Maybe we see it the next, or our team sees it, the next night, but we here in the office don't hear about it for a week or so.

We don't even know what's going on, so we can't help facilitate communication and can't help facilitate the correction to the problem simply because we didn't know about the note.

Communication is the Solution

So here's the solution we have, and that is an online process. What we do is we say there's a program, there's a way to connect.

We will create a profile just for you, the business owner, and when we do that, it gives you 24/7/365 day access to our operations team.

When you send us a notification through that online portal there are people who are going to respond to you immediately, we respond to those issues, and we take them very, very seriously. 

Now, what's the advantage here?

Well, for one, it's a much quicker communication process. We hear about it so that we can then communicate with our franchise owners much quicker. And as soon as that is done, then we can respond back to you in a much quicker way.

All told what it simply means is communication happens faster, happens quicker, and a little piece of sand does not become a long term irritation and a bigger problem down the road.
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