What Is Janitorial Services?

by Mike Derryberry • June 23, 2023

Janitorial services are an important aspect of maintaining a clean and safe environment. These services include the cleaning, maintenance, and sanitation of buildings to protect the health and safety of people who use the building. Janitorial services are used in a variety of places, such as offices, schools, hospitals, factories, and more.

According to John Hopkins, It was found that businesses can lose between $178 to $198 billion due to sick employees. As a business owner, it's important to promote a safe and healthy work environment to avoid these costs.

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In addition to promoting a healthy environment, it's important to ensure that your offices are clean to minimize the risk of workplace illnesses. Hiring professional janitorial services can assist you in maintaining the health and productivity of your staff.

Maintaining A Clean Work Space

Janitorial services are essential for ensuring that your office is clean and organized. Their commercial cleaning services are specifically designed for offices and similar workplace environments. Some of the tasks included in their services typically involve maintaining cleanliness, tidiness, and orderliness in the office by doing cleaning tasks, such as:

  • Sanitizing Bathrooms
  • Mopping
  • Sweeping Floors
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning
  • And Much More

The extent of their duties depends on the type of establishment and industry they cater to. For instance, the cleaning requirements for a school differ from those of a medical center.

Their responsibilities vary from general upkeep to thorough cleaning of specific sections. There are janitorial companies that focus on specific types of office cleaning, such as schools or hospitals.

It is advisable to seek commercial cleaning services that have experience working in your particular industry.

Is There A Difference Between Janitorial And Commercial Cleaning?

The terms "janitorial cleaning" and "cleaning service" can sometimes be used interchangeably, but they can also have slight differences depending on the context. Here's an overview of the distinctions between the two:

Scope of Services

Janitorial Service: Janitorial cleaning typically refers to a more comprehensive range of maintenance tasks focused on the ongoing cleanliness and upkeep of commercial or institutional spaces. It involves routine cleaning and maintenance of shared areas, restrooms, offices, and other common spaces within a business or organization.

Cleaning Service: A cleaning service is a broader term that encompasses various types of cleaning assistance, which can include both residential and commercial cleaning services. It may involve general cleaning tasks, specialized cleaning projects, deep cleaning, one-time cleanings, or specific services like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, or post-construction cleaning.

Target Clientele

Janitorial Cleaning: Janitorial cleaning services primarily target commercial and institutional clients, such as office buildings, schools, hospitals, retail stores, warehouses, and other business establishments.

Cleaning Service: A cleaning service can cater to a wider range of clients, including both commercial and residential customers. They may serve individual homeowners, apartment dwellers, real estate agencies, property management companies, or businesses seeking cleaning assistance.


Janitorial Cleaning: Janitorial services typically follow a regular schedule and are often performed outside of business hours. They are usually recurring services that can be scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on the needs of the client.

Cleaning Service: The frequency of cleaning can vary greatly depending on the client's requirements. They can be scheduled on a recurring basis, such as weekly or bi-weekly cleanings, or they can be arranged for specific occasions, such as deep cleaning before or after an event, move-in/move-out cleanings, or seasonal cleanings.

Service Focus

Janitorial Cleaning: Janitorial cleaning services typically focus on maintaining cleanliness in shared spaces, restrooms, and common areas. They often include tasks like floor cleaning, dusting, emptying trash bins, disinfecting high-touch surfaces, restocking supplies, and general maintenance of the premises.

Cleaning Service: A cleaning service can encompass a broader range of tasks depending on the client's needs. It can involve general cleaning tasks such as vacuuming, mopping, dusting, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and other routine chores. Additionally, specialized services like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or specific requests can also be provided.

It's important to note that the specific terminology and services offered can vary between different cleaning companies and regions. It's recommended to clarify with the service provider the exact range of services they offer to ensure they meet your specific cleaning needs.

It can be easy to mix up or mistake the similarities between the two commercial cleaners. It's important to note that some companies may provide either one or both services. To avoid any confusion, it's best to inquire about the type of cleaning a company offers from the start.

Why Janitorial?

One factor that distinguishes certain janitorial companies is their exclusive cleaning techniques, crafted by seasoned team members with years of expertise.

Before hiring a cleaning company for your business, it's advisable to check their website and read about their approach to cleaning. This will give you an insight into the methods they use and help you make an informed decision.

When choosing a company to clean your office, it's important to consider the type of cleaning products they use. Some companies use eco-friendly products, while others use cleaners with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). To ensure that you get the type of cleaning you want, you can contact the company via email or phone and ask about their cleaning process and products.

The Compass Cleaning Solution Difference

Compass Cleaning Solutions is a leading provider of janitorial cleaning, offering comprehensive cleaning solutions to various industries and businesses. With our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the commercial cleaning industry.

One of the key strengths we have is our team of highly skilled and professional janitorial staff. They understand the importance of a clean and sanitary environment in the workplace, and they strive to deliver exceptional cleaning tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Our staff is well-trained in the latest cleaning techniques, using state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products to ensure effective and environmentally responsible cleaning.

Compass Cleaning Solutions offers a wide range of tasks that cover every aspect of commercial janitorial services. Whether it's daily office cleaning, carpet, and floor care, window cleaning, restroom sanitization, or specialized cleaning for industries such as healthcare or retail, we have the expertise and resources to handle it all. We work closely with their clients to develop customized cleaning plans that address their unique requirements and deliver outstanding results.

In addition to our exceptional janitorial services, we place a strong emphasis on customer service. We prioritize open communication, responsiveness, and attention to detail, ensuring that our client's needs are met, and their expectations exceeded. We conduct regular quality inspections to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and continuously improve our services.

Our Janitorial company is dedicated to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. We strive to minimize our impact on the environment by using green cleaning products and implementing eco-conscious cleaning methods. Our commitment to sustainability extends to waste management and recycling initiatives, further demonstrating our responsible approach to Janitorial cleaning.

At CCS, we understand that each client's facility is unique, and we approach every project with a personalized touch. Whether it's a small office, a large corporate building, or a specialized facility, we have the resources and expertise to deliver exceptional cleaning that creates a clean, safe, and healthy environment for workers, customers, and visitors.

Unlike other companies, we offer the best commercial cleaning services in the area, offering comprehensive and customized cleaning solutions to a large range of industries. With our highly trained staff, commitment to customer satisfaction, and focus on sustainability, we have earned a reputation as a trusted partner in maintaining clean and healthy workspaces.

Contact Compass Cleaning Solutions

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At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we prioritize the safety of you and your employees amidst the ongoing pandemic. Our team of cleaning technicians provide tailored commercial janitorial services to protect against COVID-19 while also enhancing the overall appearance of your facility. By choosing our janitorial cleaning company, you can attract high-quality customers to your space. To learn more about our professional cleaning options, please visit our contact page. We offer a free quote and booking for your initial service, so call us today at 602-606-7900.