Warning Signs that it’s time for a new Janitorial Service

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • August 01, 2019

Umemptied trash canIt's Monday morning, and you walk into your business and notice that the floors are still dirty and the trash is still sitting. What happened to the cleaning crew?

We see more and more that people are taking less and less personal responsibility and pride in their work. They don't see what they do as necessary, so they give it less attention and priority.

We have seen this attitude permeate every demographic, and frankly, it is as frustrating and discouraging for owners of commercial cleaning companies as it is for clients.

Signals that it's time to Start Searching

Hiring a commercial cleaning company should help lighten your load of responsibilities, not add to it. Habitually missed areas and calls that are left unanswered suggest that it's time to start searching for a new commercial cleaning company.

Below are signs that suggest that it may be time to seek out another janitorial service.
  • Are areas habitually overlooked? Let's face it; mistakes happen and when they do is your cleaning company quick to respond to your needs? If calls are left unanswered and your office cleaning expectations are repeatedly not being met, perhaps it's time to consider another janitorial service.
  • Restroom supplies are repeatedly empty or low. Cleaning as well as restocking supplies in your restrooms is an essential component for any janitorial service. If your cleaning company routinely leaves the towel dispensers empty and toilet paper in short supply, maybe it's time to consider another janitorial service.
  • Dirty and wet floors are both a safety hazard and an eyesore. If your cleaning company is leaving areas wet, unclean, or merely unfinished, they are putting your company at risk. There is an assortment of potential injuries and physical accidents that can occur due to inappropriate cleaning practices.

    If an accident does happen, it won't matter if the victim was one of your employees, a client, or even just an innocent passerby. In the end, you will still face the same potential lawsuits to compensate for the trouble that your cleaning company has indirectly caused.

    It is essential to hire a janitorial cleaning company is licensed and bonded. Meaning that they have a professional license and a Surety Bond. A bond is an insurance policy that assures to clients that they can fulfill their contractual obligations.
  • Not sure who's going to show up to clean? A professional, well-organized cleaning company will send cleaning crews who know what your needs and expectations are. If you continually see new faces, this could be a sign that they aren't able to retain employees on a long-term basis. You may want to start shopping.
  • What about maintenance issues? A good janitorial cleaning company should form a partnership with you. If you aren't being alerted to potential problems, it's time to look for someone who cares enough about you and your business.
  • Things are left dirty. If your cleaning company is failing to do the most basic cleaning tasks, it's time to start searching for another commercial cleaner.
  • Failure to meet industry standards. Your commercial cleaning company may not be delivering the results that meet industry standards that comply with Occupational Health & Saftety (OHS) and Work Health & Safety (WHS) regulations.Missing out on just a single regulation can bring in a myriad of sanctions such as hefty penalties or even a temporary or permanent shutdown.
  • Are your calls being returned? When you have questions or concerns, time is of the essence. A cleaning company that doesn't return calls is a sure sign that it's time to start looking for another janitorial service.
  • Janitorial cleaning cost. A quality commercial cleaning company should always add value and peace of mind, making it is worth every penny.
  • Who's in charge? Your janitorial contractor should be in touch with you regularly. Communication is key to a successful partnership. What are your communication options?  Do they use current technology?  Do they have multiple ways to contact them?

What should I look for in a Cleaning Company?

It's essential to keep your office clean. A clean office creates a positive impression on visitors, helps keep away illness, and also adds to the beauty of your space.
  • An important thing to consider when hiring a cleaning service is to compare the prices and services offered by each company. While a company may offer low prices, you should think about what products they are using and how often they would be coming by to clean your office.
  • Ask for references to see how a cleaning company has performed in the past. Any good office cleaning company should have an excellent track record of keeping offices clean while being reliable and reasonably priced.
  • Make sure the cleaning company you are considering hiring brings all the materials and equipment needed to clean your office.
Not all janitorial cleaning companies are created equal. Once you take steps to try someone new, you may wonder why you waited so long.

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