Theft and Janitorial Companies

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • April 29, 2016
Compass Cleaning Solutions

“The cleaning crew took money out of my desk.” “I’m not saying your people stole anything but my IPOD is missing.” “Some of our products are missing.” Theft happens all the time. Its a sad reality of life but its true none the less. Unfortunately for commercial cleaning companies our presence in your building makes us a prime target when theft occurs. We have access and opportunity. Seems logical doesn’t it.

While it is true that sometimes janitorial cleaning service employees have been found guilty of theft, so have bankers, business owners, truck drivers, plumbers, construction workers and the list goes on. Cleaning technicians are no more likely to engage in theft than any other group of people. In fact, a case could be made that because the cleaning technician sets the alarm system and is being more closely watched, they are less likely to engage in theft precisely because of the scrutiny.

As someone who hires a janitorial service company to clean your facility, there are some things you can do to minimize the potential for theft.
  • Make sure that the cleaning company has a unique alarm code and that someone monitors the activity regularly. This should not take a lot of time and will give you a sense of their pattern of activity.
  • Make sure that your employees remove temptations from sight. Leaving a $20 bill laying out on a desk is just asking for a problem. It shouldn’t matter but lets be honest, it does.
  • Ask for background checks and the names of the cleaning technicians who service your building. You probably won’t find any surprises but it will allow you to sleep a little easier.
  • Ask if the janitorial cleaning service is bonded and insured. There are many little ‘mom and pop’ companies operating and most are not insured much less bonded. Why take the risk? By making sure the company has the proper coverage you remove the liability from your shoulders.
  • Meet the cleaning crew. Get to know who is in your building. Its amazing how a little anonymity encourages people to do dishonest things. On the other hand when the cleaner is known they tend to be less likely to do dishonest things.
A little effort on your part, openness and communication on our part, and theft can be eliminated… almost.