Studies Revealed on How Carpet Cleaning Affects Indoor Air Quality

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • January 18, 2018
Commercial carpet cleaning
You think that the air you are breathing inside your home or office is cleaner and healthier than the air you breathe outside? Think again. Indoor air is actually at least twice as polluted as the outside air according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Pretty shocking revelation right? As a matter of fact, the air that you breath indoors holds a hundred times the amount of pollutants present outside. This means that you are actually more prone to developing respiratory diseases and serious health hazards when you spend most of your time indoors than outdoors!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning AZ for a cleaner, healthier indoor air

It's no debate that indoor air pollution is a great concern and can be a serious threat to your health and those living with you as well. The question now is, what has carpet cleaning have to do with it? Does owning a carpet contribute to the unexpectedly poor indoor air quality that we have inside our homes? It has to do with the carpet's natural ability to harbor pollutants:

Carpets are like oversized filters that trap and accumulate almost any form of indoor pollutant that you can think of. This means that if you are sporting a luxurious carpet in your office or business establishment, proper commercial cleaning Mesa, AZ is required to remove those stockpiled pollutants.

Carpets are also hidden havens for allergens. Dust, dirt, pet dander, moisture, and pests get stuck in the carpet's fibers even with regular vacuuming. In some point in time, soil particles and airborne pollutants will anchor themselves in the carpet as well and this can lead to serious hygiene problems for your workers without the proper corporate cleaning Tempe, AZ service. Regular carpet cleaning is crucial to enhancing the quality of air that you breath indoors as they help eliminate harmful pollutants. Without the proper commercial cleaning in Mesa, AZ, a neglected carpet in your business can become a breeding ground for biological contaminants and pollutants that can lead to a myriad of problems. Relying on a professional corporate cleaning in Tempe, AZ company can help prevent unwanted particles and pollutants from building up in your carpet and offer a better level of indoor air quality that you and other people can enjoy.

Commercial carpet cleaning in AZ, to avoid asthma and allergies

Asthmatic people are often told to stay away from carpets. The reality is, the opposite is true. Studies revealed that the right carpet cleaning can help reduce asthma symptoms and is, in fact, the ideal flooring choice for those experiencing asthma and allergy problems. So if you have workers that have Asthma, keep them close to the carpet as long as it is treated with the right commercial cleaning in Mesa, AZ. Also, with the right corporate cleaning in Tempe, AZ, a carpet is kept clean and dry which leaves zero chance for mold to grow on the fibers making it a hygienic and sensual flooring luxury in your office or business establishment.