Spring Cleaning in the Office: Drafting a Cleaning Checklist 101

by Mike Derryberry • May 03, 2022

Office Spring Cleaning

It's no secret that most adults, whether in the office or at home, can live a super busy life — attending and hosting constant zoom meetings, building presentations, staying on top of project management and client reports, not to mention a whole mess of other tasks/duties; It’s simple to overlook your desk's space and ignore how messy things realistically get.

When papers stack up and your desk drawers get filled to the brim with useless junk, it’s expected to get pretty overwhelmed, especially if:
  • Projects are becoming increasingly difficult because you can't locate the notes required for the task
  • It becomes impossible to focus when there is such clutter in your workspace
  • There’s hardly enough room on your desk for your keyboard (we’ve all been there before!)
Work can be stressful enough at times. That being said, there’s no need to make things harder on yourself with a disorganized office. On the topic of spring cleaning this year, most of our friends and family neaten their closets and other household spaces but overlook their workspace—the place they primarily spend most of their time!

Don't worry though! We have good news!

Office Spring Cleaning

Spring Is Finally Here

With springtime full force in North America, we figured it’s the best time to pass on a few of our tips for spring-cleaning the workspace, whether it's a home office or out in a traditional office space. We have outlined everything you need to know to get started! Which cleaning products or all-purpose cleaner you should use, stain removal techniques, clean window treatments, a good old-fashioned warm water and white vinegar wipe down; no matter what you are planning on your spring cleaning checklists, we are here to help! 

So, without further ado let's dive into our ultimate guide to spring cleaning in the office! 


The Benefits of Spring Cleaning in the Office

After a long winter, it is refreshing to have the office organized and besides boosting employee morale, there are multiple advantages of office cleaning and hiring janitorial services. Here are a few to name;
  • To some degree, a clean office can affect the draw and retention of talented employees
  • Based on the repetitious assignments, an office spring cleaning checklist can help maintain the expected standard for cleaning duties, whether you hire professional cleaners or ask your staff to do the job
  • When you use an office cleaning checklist, both your new and old staff will know specifically how to keep working with your set standards at all times
  • Whether you are a bootstrapped-new business or landed a recent job in charge of office cleaning, this checklist is a great opportunity to get the ball rolling

That's only touching base on the benefits of cleaning up your office that you can find here, but now let's get into the most important parts of the cleaning checklist. 


A Cleaning Checklist for Beginners and Pros Alike

We have outlined the tasks that are vital to the cleaning process for most offices. Take it one step at a time so you don't feel overwhelmed with the amount of work needed to be done. Here are six primary tasks to get you started: 


1. Start With the Office Desk First

Depending on the type of business, if you are working with customers regularly, your office desk must stay tidy at all times. Here are some easy ways to keep things looking great: 
  • Use a moist microfiber towel to wipe the desk or desks in the office
  • Consider arranging the items you frequently use on the desk for convenient use
  • Consider items like paper, pens, sticky notes, and calendars; try filing them away in an organized structure for items you don’t use frequently. 

2. Clean and Back Up the Office Computers 

Interestingly enough, a dusty computer will leave the wrong impression on your clients. So before getting into cleaning up your operating system, clean the actual physical computer first! Ensure that your staff also maintains safety standards when cleaning electronics. Now, for the digital side of cleaning things up:
  • To avoid the bloat and lag of digital clutter, cleaning up all junk files on your system and deleting unused temporary data is a must
  • After wiping your computer free of the file hoarding, try to organize your folders, making them effortlessly accessible
  • It is wise to use an external hard drive to backup/restore any of the essential files used at the workplace
Office Spring Cleaning

3. Clean up the Floors and Carpet 

In addition to the desk and computers, an office carpet is another chore that should be on the
top of your office spring cleaning checklist. Most of the people that visit your office will notice the current condition of your carpets. The good news is, with the proper carpet cleaning supplies anyone can the basic stains out fast. 

Depending on the level of foot traffic coming through the building on a daily basis, things can get dirty pretty quickly. If that's the case, you may want to hire one of the best office carpet cleaning companies in Phoenix. 


4. Make Sure the Breakroom Is Spotless

Your breakroom is another room that requires plenty of extra care for spring cleaning. Besides the needs of your employees, the breakroom is a perfect space for your staff to host corporate parties. So, it is crucial to keep it spic and span at all times!

You can start things off by taking a complete inventory of your spring cleaning supplies. Make sure to stock up on supplies like the ones listed below:
  • Bucket (for cleaning product and water mixture)
  • reusable microfiber cloths that can be cleaned in a washing machine
  • Brooms
  • Mild dishwashing liquid found in most homes
  • Mop heads and extra sticks
  • Rubber gloves or latex-free for allergy safety
  • Scrubbers and scouring pads
  • Dustpans mop buckets
  • Paper towels and washable hand towels
  • Solvent-free degreaser for more daunting tasks (used to wipe walls, crevice tools, and grout lines)
  • Extra clean cloth (you can never have enough)

If you wish to have your staff start these tasks or you want to start yourself, you should consider these essential office spring cleaning supplies. From the countertop to the refrigerator, small appliances like the coffee maker, or even the utensil or knife block; these supplies will assist in keeping the breakroom cleaned and ready for everyday use.


5. Tidy Up Your Office Wires

Leaving all of your office wires scattered across the office building will put your business at risk of an unexpected fire outbreak, trip hazards, and looking hideous. This is especially true around your computers, printers, and devices used often. 


6. Consider Hiring a Professional Cleaning Company 

When your company is filled with expert employees in different roles, it might be hard to keep them engaged in the cleaning process. It may also be a turn-off to some employees, thinking that office cleaning is not part of their core responsibilities. 

To protect your brand reputation, you’ll likely be better off with an affordable and professional spring cleaning service. You can start with Compass Cleaning! We are the best in the business! In addition to knowing all of the best practices, these professional cleaners get the job done sufficiently when it comes to the rough edges and high walls at the office or workplace. 

Get Started With Home Office and Commercial Office Cleaning 

Well, there you have it! We have outlined how to create the perfect office spring cleaning checklist, the benefits of keeping the office clean, and how to hire a professional office cleaning company. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to contact us today at 602-606-7900 to schedule your initial consultation with our cleaning services. We will provide you with a free quote and answer your frequently asked questions