Saving Money with Floor Care

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • March 21, 2016
Compass Cleaning Solutions

Have you ever thought about how much regular floor maintenance like scrubbing, stripping, and refinishing a floor periodically can save you in the long run? Most people see floor maintenance as an expense rather than a way to save money. When you consider what replacement costs are for tile flooring and compare them to refinishing a floor several times a year, you will see a great deal of savings.

Most people want their floors to look like the floors in your favorite mall department store or your local grocery store floor. While that would be great, most people are not willing to spend the kind of money required to burnish a floor every night and refinish it as frequently as these stores do. There is a compromise however.

Getting on a regular floor care plan with a qualified company that knows how to refinish your floors and use the correct finish for your situation can save you thousands of dollars and give you a very nice floor finish that will ‘reflect’ well on your company. But be careful. Many companies will want to have you strip a floor every time. The problem with this is that every time a floor is stripped a little bit of the floor tile is removed along with the finish. This can shorten the life of a floor. It is also more costly.

With today’s finishes and proper application tools, stripping once every several years is all that is needed as long as the floors are scrubbed (cleaned) and refinished in a manner consistent with your unique traffic patterns. Regular scrubbing and refinishing of a floor and frequent buffing and burnishing can not only help your floor look consistently well taken care of but can also push the inevitable replacement cost out several years.