Risks and Liability Concerns of Cleaning Your Own Business

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • July 20, 2018
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From administering hazardous liquid cleaners, loading and unloading large equipment, operating power tools, and working in precarious areas and spaces, anything can go wrong when it comes to cleaning your own business.

So you can better safeguard your company from potentially cash draining lawsuits, damages, and devastating accidents, you can rely on the professional help of numerous reputable Arizona cleaning services and minimize the risk and liability concerns that naturally comes along in keeping your business squeaky clean, such as:

1. Failure to meet industry cleaning standards

The biggest issue that you may potentially have to deal with when you rely on your own people to complete the cleaning process of your business is inferior results. To be more specific, they may not be able to deliver the cleaning results that will meet industry standards and comply with every OH&S and WHS regulations.

Missing out on just a single regulation can bring in a myriad of sanctions like hefty penalties and even a temporary or permanent shutdown, depending on the violation. By simply denying the professional help of a commercial cleaning Tempe company, you are potentially risking your entire business as a result.

2. Your company will lose money

It may be too late for you to realize that you are actually losing money on employee wages and benefits when you decide to have your own people do the cleaning. Because the truth is it's a lot less expensive and more cost-effective to hire an outside Chandler cleaning team than to set-up your own building maintenance and cleaning department.

3. Potential lawsuits

There is an assortment of potential injuries and physical accidents that can occur due to inappropriate cleaning practices. And if an accident does happen, it won't matter if the victim was one of your employees, a client, or even just an innocent passerby, you will still face the same potential lawsuits to compensate the trouble that your company has indirectly caused.

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These lawsuits may include legal fees and fines and expensive settlements if the injury was severe. So without the aid of Arizona cleaning services, your company is just a slip or misstep away from being bombarded with financially draining lawsuits.

4. Damage property

There are also a number of potential damages to your own property and those of others when you decide to clean your own business and refrain from working with a commercial cleaning Tempe service company which include but are not limited to:
  • Damage to your client's property. Your employees may not always administer the right cleaning mixture or execute the proper cleaning method and when it happens to one of your valued client's possessions, your company could face a barrage of legal complaints and compensation claims.
  • Damage to your own business. You could also be damaging your own building when the cleaning is done by your own employees. From walls, floors, office equipment, etc, there are a lot of things that can be ruined by a simple cleaning error.
  • Toxic damages. There are plenty of chemicals used for cleaning that are toxic in nature. If any of these hazardous substances leaks or spills, your business can be mixed up in pollution damage issues.

5. Not so clean and green

It takes a lot of knowledge and industry connections to determine what the best cleaning solutions, equipment, and practices are. Nowadays, the most popular movement is with the use of environmentally friendly cleaning substances and equipment. They are highly effective in clearing off any and all unwanted dirt in any building space and area but do not leave the same toxic residues that the majority of traditional cleaning solutions do.