Resolving Customer Service Complaints

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • April 12, 2016

Complaints, unfortunately, are part of any service business. How we respond to complaints says a great deal about the character of the company. We can either see complaints as a problem or as an opportunity. Unlike companies who offer products to the public, office cleaning service companies must rely solely on their service to the client. A product may be good enough that people will overlook a bit of poor service, but a building cleaning service company has no such ‘fall back’ option.

In the commercial cleaning industry we see a number of common complaints. What I have discovered is that customers of a janitorial cleaning company do not expect perfection but they do want to be heard and they do want to see action taken.

When we receive a call our standard procedure is to start a process that begins and ends with the customer. In between, we are taking steps to quickly and completely resolve whatever issue is on the table. We conclude by getting the customers agreement that we have resolved the issue. The customer determines when the issue is resolved.

At Compass we are first and foremost a customer service company. We only exist because of our customers. We aren’t always perfect but when we make a mistake we understand that we have an opportunity to become a better commercial cleaning company by solving the issue at hand and taking steps to not allow it to happen again. Our partnership with our customers makes us better. Let us show you how.