Raise morale in the workplace by providing employee recognition

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • January 06, 2016
Compass Cleaning Solutions

Sales incentives are important because the ultimate aim of any company is to make sales, and salespeople are responsible for ensuring this happens. If salespeople are not motivated, your company is not going to make any sales and is going to lose money, which is the opposite of what you want.

Whilst tangible gifts like new laptops or tailored suits are going to help improve motivation in the office, nothing gives as much satisfaction as employee recognition. This is a way of letting employees know that they have done a good job and you are pleased with their work, and is necessary in giving them job satisfaction and making them feel like valued members of the company.

Some ways in which you can demonstrate employee recognition are presenting awards, organizing trips for deserving employees or writing personalized letters to congratulate them. However, there are some important things you need to keep in mind before you set up a reward scheme.

Firstly, all employees need to be eligible for the reward. That means the criteria which the rewards are based on need to apply to everybody, so if you’re giving out presents to employees who have made the most sales when you’ve got other departments who aren’t responsible for making sales, they’re going to feel left out and develop a lack of motivation.
Secondly, you should make sure that the criteria you set out is clear, and that all employees who meet it are rewarded. Schemes such as “employee of the month” often do not work because the employees have to be selected by their superiors, which can feel like favouritism to the other employees who were not selected. The awards given should be fair, and should be given to everyone who has met the criteria.

Another point you might want to consider is that some rewards are best left as surprises or occasional treats. Holding a monthly award ceremony for employees who have reached their targets is fine, but if you’re going to treat them to a slice of cake every Friday afternoon, then eventually it is going to become part of your routine and employees are going to expect it whether they have reached their targets or not. An unexpected treat like an extra day off or a group trip will be much more rewarding, and will raise employee morale.
It is important that you regularly provide your employees with the recognition they deserve because, after all, they are the people who your company relies on the most, and they deserve to feel valued and important to the team. When they put in hard work for you, they deserve to be rewarded for it.

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