The Quality of Work by the Janitorial Service Company is Suffering

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • April 20, 2016
Compass Cleaning Solutions

It happens a lot. You hire a new janitorial cleaning service and things start out great and for a time things go along smoothly. Then something happens, the service starts to slide. Sound familiar? What happened?

It could be a number of things. It might be that the commercial cleaning crew is trying to service more customers in a night than they should and are cutting corners to get it all done. It could be that the sales person who sold you on the service sold you on some unrealistic expectations; ones that the cleaning crew simply can’t meet. It could be that the service parameters have increased, or decreased, and not everyone is on the same page. It could be poor communication between the crew and the commercial cleaning company as a whole. There must be a good start in order to finish well.

Here are some things to consider when you hire a new commercial cleaning company.
  • Make sure that everything you want done is written down. Be very clear about expectations; days, times and what is to be done and when. Putting everything in writing makes for a good contract on both sides.
  • Does the cleaning service have an effective, easily understood communication plan both with you and their staff? Can you reach the office at any time of the day? Do they call back quickly? Do they follow up with you and inform you when they have resolved your issues?
  • If you need to make changes always communicate directly with the corporate office, not the cleaning crew, so that everyone is kept informed about all changes.
  • Sometimes, if it is ‘a really good deal’, its not. If other companies are not making promises like the company in front of you, be skeptical. Remember that everything has a cost and nothing is free. Someone, somewhere, is going to pay for those extras. You may get the extras but you may lose the quality somewhere else.
Hopefully these hints will help you find the right industrial cleaning company that will stay with you for a long time and the service will remain high. A good janitorial service company will consistently do the basics, a great one will do more and become a valuable resource for the long term.