Put A Little Lightening in That Bottle

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • August 13, 2016
Compass Cleaning Solutions

Over the last several years we have all heard about green products, sustainability, carbon footprints and more. Too often the rhetoric is just that, claims without real substance for the purpose of garnering attention for a company, product or cause. When the dust clears however, it boils down to one issue, does the product, tool or process produce real results for the client, the service provider and the environment. If it doesn’t then its really nothing more than a hollow claim.

One cleaning system that does perform and is safe for the environment is liquefied ozone. The principle is basically no different than what happens in nature, but is created in a controlled container. In effect, ozone is created and infused into tap water. The imbalance of oxygen that is created (the process creates an additional oxygen molecule) ‘attacks’ bacteria and other organic matter to break down its molecular structure. Once this occurs the oxygen and water return to their normal state. The advantage is that there are no chemicals to create harmful VOC’s, no residue and no harsh chemicals that can cause danger to the user.

So the question is, does it work? Well, according to the EPA, USDA and FDA, the short answer is yes. It has a kill rate 3000 times faster and 50% stronger than chlorine bleach (I’m not sure why anyone is stilling using bleach given the inherent dangers and liability issues). According to these agencies the dwell time is significantly shorter (like seconds) than most chemical options, which from a service provider perspective is a major plus. By requiring shorter dwell times the cost of service can be reduced substantially. And from the client side there is a much greater probability that all surfaces are sanitized because traditional chemical options require up to 10 minute dwell times to do the same thing, which rarely, if ever, happens in the real world.

Here is the irony, this technology is not new. It has been in use for over 100 years. It has only been in the last several years that the process has gained wider approval and has been produced in portable units for wider application. It has been and continues to be used to purify bottled water and sanitize swimming pools. It can be used to clean vegetables, fruit and everyday cleaning conditions.

So lets review; high kill rate, faster dwell times, no VOC’s, no residue, no carbon footprint, sustainable and, oh yes, it is less expensive over time (you still have to buy the original unit). If I were a building owner or manager I would be demanding that my building services contractor use liquefied ozone for all general cleaning applications. If you would like more information about a contractor who is committed to this technology contact Compass Cleaning Solutions or call (877)221-1213 today!