Protecting Your Flooring Investment

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • April 15, 2016
Commercial Floor Cleaning
Do you have flooring in your office other than carpet or VCT? What about wood flooring, ceramic tile, laminate flooring or an exotic floor like Bamboo? Do you have suspended flooring for electrical conduit or telecommunications cable? There is one thing that all of these floors have in common; they can all be ruined by excessive water. In the case of suspended floors, the damage can be even more catastrophic if electrical circuits are shorted out or servers are crashed.

Does your industrial cleaning company still use the old dirty string mop and yellow bucket to clean your floors? This method of mopping has the greatest potential to damage your floors and yet over and over again you see cleaning companies using these tools. Why, when there is technology available to dramatically improve the cleaning and protection of your flooring, wouldn’t they use what is available to them?

The system we recommend and use everyday is based onmicrofiber and flat mop technology. Because microfiber holds up to seven times its weight in fluid and because its ‘capture and hold’ capabilities far exceed that of standard fabric, very little moisture is used and therefore left on the floor surface. Because of this your floors will not be damaged by excess water and water will not penetrate those suspended floors to cause even more damage. The added benefit is that this technology will remove more dirt and grime and leave your floors cleaner and absent of milky streaks left by traditional mopping systems.