Part Four: Better Technology, Better Methodology, Better Results

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • June 09, 2016
Compass Cleaning Solutions

I confess, I am a zealot when it comes to using the proper tools and technology. I do not understand why you wouldn’t use the best tools available. Using the right tools not only makes a job easier it usually produces a superior product and, in the case of janitorial service, has less impact on our environment. One example is mopping. For 100 years or more cleaners have been using ‘rope mops’ and wringer buckets to mop floors. But think about this for a moment. The tool just doesn’t do what it says it is doing, at least not as well as current technology will allow. Rope mops, even the newer ‘tube mops’ made from microfiber, have one major flaw; they are using dirty water to clean dirty floors. And speaking of water, gallons of water are wasted to replace the dirty water to continue cleaning those floors in your office building. A lot of water is being wasted.

So, what’s the alternative? In two words, flat mops. It is our conviction that the combination of a flat mop (18” or 24”) made from microfiber is the solution. We not only teach our franchise owners how to use this technology but we also require it as part of our overall brand. Our commercial cleaning services clients have come to expect that we will use this technology in every building and they know why. I don’t have sufficient space here to tout the benefits of this mopping system but suffice it to say that using a number of microfiber pads that collect up to seven times their weight in fluid and dirt and are constantly replaced with clean pads through out the process, leave the floors in your office building much cleaner than using a traditional system.

Ask yourself this: “If my cleaning company is still using old technology on my floors are they using old technology everywhere?”. Other areas where the microfiber technology can help are dusters made from microfiber and color coded cleaning towels that insure we are not cross contaminating surfaces (red towels for toilets, blue for glass and general cleaning, etc). The benefit to you as a client, beyond health and safety, is that your building is cleaner but it also requires much less cleaning product which saves water and requires less cleaning product to be manufactured, which also helps our environment.

In short, using technology such as flat mops and microfiber fabrics to clean your building will give you a cleaner building and have less impact on our environment. You have the power as a consumer to demand that your cleaning company use the latest technology. In turn, we all win.