Office cleaning tips to stay healthy in warm weather

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • October 12, 2017
Office cleaning tips to stay healthy
Most people expect to get sick during cold months, but what they don’t realize is that they are at risk of getting sick in the warmer months as well. In Arizona, we have A LOT of warm months. That’s why it’s so important to take action to keep your office space clean and disinfected properly so that employees can stay healthy all throughout the hot months as well as the colder parts of the year. Below is a step-by-step guide to staying healthy through proper cleaning in the office.

Disinfect common surfaces

The most important thing that you can do to keep employees safe throughout the warm months, and really all year-round, is to properly disinfect common surfaces around the office. The best commercial cleaning services in Arizona understand the health hazards that phones, tables, microwaves, refrigerators and all those other communal objects present. They also understand how to clean the spaces properly and can take action to keep everything nice and clean for you throughout the year. With properly disinfected surfaces throughout the office, everyone is going to be much less likely to get sick.

Keep carpets and floors clean

It might not seem like a major health hazard, but carpets tend to hold allergens and other compounds that are poor for your health. Taking the time to vacuum them regularly and make sure they are deep cleaned with a shampooer is important for maintaining good hygiene and a good smelling office environment. A service for office cleaning in Phoenix, AZ, can help keep floors clean, especially with the deep cleaning needs. These companies specialize in deep cleaning carpets and can help them stay fresh and healthy throughout the year, which is a very important task.

Remove garbage quickly

Garbage build up isn’t only unpleasant and smelly, but it’s also bad for your health. Most common commercial garbage is filled with bacteria and other contaminants. Removing the trash from your space quickly is an important job to keep up with. It’s probably not something that professionals specializing in office cleaning in Phoenix, AZ, will take care of every day, but it’s something that they can help with to keep you on top of the trash removal process. Be sure that someone is getting rid of trash as it builds up to keep your space clean and fresh.

Maintain a clean restroom

Restrooms are home to all sorts of germs and they serve as the ideal breeding ground for infections and other sicknesses. That’s why hiring commercial cleaning services in Arizona to maintain your restrooms or to at least deep clean them occasionally is an important step to take. You’ll help minimize the germs and bacteria in the space, which is a good step toward staying healthier during the hot months. It might not sound like much, but clean restrooms could be the difference between healthy employees and a few people going home sick.

While hiring someone for things like window cleaning in Phoenix, AZ, is important for maintaining the look of your business, it’s not as critically important as hiring commercial cleaning services in Arizona to actually disinfect your space and make sure everyone stays healthy. Sick employees cost companies quite a bit, and poor hygiene is often the main factor for them getting sick. So stay on top of cleaning tasks and make sure that a good quality service for office cleaning in Phoenix, AZ, is working for your company.