Killing Germs with Powerful, yet Safe Chlorine Dioxide

by Mike Derryberry • October 24, 2019
Winter is just around the corner, and so is cold and flu season. From sniffles to chills, we often go to work with a virus, only to share our aches and pains with co-workers. Of course, employers can't make it mandatory for sick people to stay home from work. They can, however, take steps to protect everyone by hiring a janitorial cleaning service that uses chlorine dioxide cleaners.

What is Chlorine Dioxide Cleaners?

Chlorine dioxide (CI02) is a safe yet powerful cleaning product for odors and germs. Unlike traditional disinfectants that kill bacteria from the inside out in 7-10 minutes, chlorine dioxide works from the outside in, in 30-90 seconds. 

CI02 is not a bleach, doesn't contain VOC's and is not carcinogenic. A highly effective cleaning product that fights odors, allergies, mold, and pathogens, and it does not create harmful by-products.
  • Disinfects
  • Sanitizes
  • Deodorizes
The Value of a Clean Office

High-Risk areas for Bacteria Accumulation

Offices are full of germs, and some of them may lurk in places that you might not expect.

What cleaning products does your Janitorial Service use?

Do you hear terms such as chlorine dioxide or CI02 from your janitorial cleaning service? If so, your Janitorial Service Provider (JSP) understands how to disinfect properly.
Are you new to the term or happy to say that your provider uses chlorine dioxide products?
Although JSP's can properly disinfect, when they are not there, you have to be diligent. Take a minute and think about how many things people touch in a day. Not just the kitchens and restrooms, but throughout the building. Forewarned is forearmed.

Best Practices for Keeping Germs at Bay

In conjunction with thorough janitorial cleaning that utilizes chlorine dioxide, there are several ways that you and your employees can help keep viruses at bay.
  • If you are is sick, stay home if you can. Your office is one place where sharing is not cool. If, unfortunately, you can't stay home, limit your contact with others as much as possible.
  • Wash your hands and sneeze into a sleeve (preferably your own) or a tissue. 
  • Hand sanitizers are great, but here are some details you may not know.

    For a sanitizer to be effective, it must have a minimum of 60% alcohol to kill bacteria. Hand sanitizers remove oils from your skin to prevent bacteria from coming to the surface. Bacteria is not the flu virus, and the oils on your skin are essential for good skin health.

    Many health professionals and the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) only recommend sanitizers as a supplement to good old fashioned soap and water. 
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Running your hands under water and wiping them on a towel is not adequate. Rubbing your hands in a lather for at least 30 seconds is a standard that many health professionals recommend for typical applications.
  • Commercial grade disinfecting wipes can be used regularly to wipe down phones, keyboards, door handles, and any area that can be considered a touch surface. Your Janitorial Service Provider should be able to give you some options.

A Clean Business is a Successful Business

Have you given considerable thought as to what your commercial cleaning company is using to clean? Although it may seem obvious, the importance of a healthy and clean environment is a complex issue.

A seemingly clean workplace can still be a harbinger of hidden dust, dirt, and germs. An unsanitary workplace affects your employees, customers, and, ultimately, your bottom line.
Positive effects from a Clean Office:
  • Removing dust, dirt, and germs means your employees will get sick less often, and individuals with allergies will have to contend with fewer allergens.
  • An immaculate office appearance creates an image of professionalism and attention to detail, suggesting to customers that your business offers real value and doesn't cut corners.
  • A clean, fresh environment will boost your employee's mood which will lead to higher productivity 
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