Keeping Your Office Building Secure

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • May 12, 2016
Compass Cleaning Solutions

Its 8:01 am and my phone rings in our office. The client on the other end is upset because the doors to their building were left unlocked and the alarm was not set. Ever been there? Frustrating isn’t it? I wish I could say that by choosing our company as your office commercial cleaning company you would never have to worry about that again. But, you know that’s not true and so do I. Ultimately, people get distracted and forget to do things. It happens.

So is this just something you have to live with? No. There are some things that your commercial cleaning company can do to insure this doesn’t happen. Let me share with you some things we do to insure this does not happen as often.
  • We train our crews to develop a habit of going through a standard checklist every time we leave your building. Physically check every door, don’t just look at it.
  • We hold our crews accountable for their actions. This means that they could be held financially responsible for false alarm charges.
  • We provide better systematic security training for each member of a crew.
  • We encourage each team to develop accountability systems to insure that others on the crew are watching and double checking each other.
  • What we won’t do is make excuses.
Having a janitorial cleaning service that takes the security of your building seriously by having an established system of checks and balances and heightened accountability will go a long way toward eliminating your fears of an unprotected building. There are a couple things you can do as well.
  • Agree with the cleaning company that no unauthorized persons will be allowed in the building after hours, regardless of how plausible the story. We teach our crews to NEVER allow anyone into the building while they are there. If a person is allowed to be in the building after hours, we tell them, they will have keys and alarm codes. Without these two things they are not allowed in the building regardless of how compelling the story is.
  • Assign unique alarm codes for each individual with access to the building to insure accurate tracking of activity in and out of the building. Sometimes you will have employees working late and they will still be in the building when the crew arrives. Making sure a policy is in place to document who is in the building and when they leave is critical to building security. If possible having everyone leave the building when the cleaning crew is done and then having your employees re-enter the building using their codes will give you a clear record of who is and who is not in the building.
Simple standards and cooperation between you and your cleaning company will go along way toward improving the security of your office building.