Janitorial Services, Price versus Quality

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • March 25, 2020

Hi, this is Bob Jones with ABC Company, and we would like to cancel our service.

Mr. Jones, why do you think you need to cancel your service?

Was there something that happened?

Oh no, you guys did a great job, you guys are doing great work. We just found a company that could do everything and more that you say you can do, and they can do it for a lower price, a substantially lower price.

Boy, I cannot tell you how many times I've heard that statement made and how many times I've had that conversation.

You know, there are some real fallacies in that, and I would say that if you're a person hiring a janitorial company and they've made that kind of a statement, I'd run. There are a couple of fallacies in this thinking.

Cheap Janitorial Services?

First of all, it's the whole idea that the price is going to be able to be substantially cut. Janitorial is based upon the number of hours that it's going to take in a specific account.

Your account is going to require a specific amount of time to do the job properly. If we're going to do that job properly, we're going to have to pay the people the prevailing minimum wage. If we're paying them the prevailing minimum wage, and if we're specifying a specific amount of time to accomplish what you want us to accomplish, and if janitorial is 95% labor, which it is, then it doesn't make sense.

Let me explain why. If that's the case if a janitorial company wants to cut the price and they're going to keep your labor the same. In other words, they're going to continue to pay the people the prevailing minimum wage; something has to give and usually what that means is the amount of time that they're going to spend in your account is going to be reduced substantially.

Now when they do that, by its very nature, that means some tasks, some specifications, some things that you wanted, are not going to get done. So I have a question for you, which of those things don't you want to get done? It just doesn't simply make sense.

Compass Cleaning Janitorial Services

What we do at Compass is we look at your specific specifications, we look at what you want, we look at your facility, and we look at things like the size of the facility, how many days a week you want, we might look at the special things that you want to be addressed.

Perhaps we look at the type of facility you have. Certain facilities require a lot more attention than other facilities.

Regardless of what it is, we're going to put a package together. We're going to give you a fair price based upon the prevailing minimum wage at the time, and that's what we do.
Now, there are other factors that come into play.

The second factor that I think that is kind of a fallacy here is that they're saying they can do more for less. Okay, you know what, I can drive a family sedan from Nissan or Toyota or Mazda or Ford or Chrysler or Chevrolet or whoever it might be, but I'm going to tell you right now it's not the same as a Tesla S or a Maserati. It simply isn't, and you're not going to get a Tesla, and you're not going to get a Maserati for half the price, I'm telling you that's not going to happen.

Then the reality is when it comes to janitorial, sometimes there is going to be an increase because there are some specific things that you want to be done. Now, if you don't want those things done, then we adjust the price; we change what we're doing, but typically when we create a proper proposal for you, that proposal is based upon all the correct criteria that I've mentioned. It simply isn't going to happen by creating a lower price and making claims.

Playing the Price Game

People who do that typically do not understand the business and are merely playing a price game. It may be good for you in a minute, but over the long haul, it's going to damage your facility, and your facility deserves to have the best, your facility deserves to the proper care. You work in it, you spend eight hours a day in that facility, you want it clean.

People who make claims like that are simply not going to be able to perform.

I hope this is helpful, and by all means, give me a shot back. I'd love to hear your comments, and we'll see you the next time.


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