How to Tell if Your Commercial Office Cleaners Are Doing a Good Job

by Mike Derryberry • March 02, 2021
Commercial Office Cleaners
The coronavirus pandemic has everyone hyper-focused on hygiene and cleanliness. People now recognize the importance of limiting their contact with harmful germs and bacteria. As states across the country continue to relax their COVID-19 restrictions, many companies will start asking their employees to return to the office. To make this transition as easy and safe as possible, it is super important to safeguard the health of your employees by ensuring a clean workspace. If you hire commercial office cleaners in Phoenix, Arizona, then you need to know they are doing the job right. Here are five ways to tell if your commercial office cleaners are doing a good job and providing you with exceptional service.

Their Standards Stay Consistent Over Time

Consistency is an essential quality for a commercial cleaning crew to have. The service your professional cleaners provide should not change drastically every time they visit. Your office space should look thoroughly sanitized and disinfected after each cleaning. Unfortunately, many commercial office cleaners get complacent over time and fail to maintain a high level of cleanliness. They often miss or skim over high traffic areas your customers and employees use regularly. It is important to check these high-traffic areas and make sure your cleaning team is doing its job. If they are not, then you should offer some precise feedback and see if they change their behavior. However, if they continue to disappoint, then you should look elsewhere for professional cleaning services.

They Use Safe and Effective Cleaning Products

Before the coronavirus pandemic, many office managers and business owners showed little concern about the products their cleaning teams were using. Now, everyone wants to rid their commercial property and office space of germs and protect themselves and their staff from COVID-19. They want a deep and thorough cleaning using the safest and most effective cleaning supplies. Your commercial office cleaners should use green cleaning products when sanitizing and disinfecting your workspace. They should use advanced cleaning methods such as electrostatic disinfection to guarantee 360-degree coverage for as long as possible.

Many commercial cleaning companies offering deep cleaning services did not do so before the pandemic. They do not have the experience required to perform the job at a high standard and meet your specific cleaning needs. Any cleaning crew you hire should have years of experience using safe and effective cleaning products and techniques. If they do not, then you may not receive top-notch coronavirus disinfection services.

They Have Excellent Communication Skills

Most janitorial service providers communicate well when they are courting new business or have signed a new contract. Everyone wants to get new business and increase their revenue streams. However, many office cleaners get complacent and respond less frequently over time. If your cleaning team is taking longer and longer to respond to your messages, then they may not be taking your job as seriously as they once did.

An experienced and professional cleaning team should strive to do their best work each time they clean and respond to your messages in a timely fashion. With the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, it is important to know you are receiving the best cleaning services possible. Your cleaning crew should communicate with you regularly and remain attentive to any of your requests.

They Have Low Employee Turnover

Turnover in the commercial cleaning industry is higher than in most other industries. With that said, if your office cleaning company has higher than average employee turnover, then you may not get the level of service your facility needs. A steady stream of new hires guarantees your office never gets to benefit from the experience of long-term employees. This could affect the level, amount and quality of the service you get. A commercial cleaning business with low employee turnover is more likely to deliver consistent service and keep your facility in excellent condition, offering real value every step of the way.

They Make Safety a Top Priority

Many office cleaners work during the daytime when employees and customers are present. A professional cleaning crew knows to make safety a top priority and do whatever it takes to avoid any risk of injury. This includes clearly marking areas that have been recently cleaned, especially wet floors and areas with high foot traffic. By taking steps to prevent injuries on the job, your cleaners are showing that they care about the health and safety of your customers and employees and are taking their responsibilities seriously.

Commercial Office Cleaners in Phoenix, Arizona

If your current cleaning team does not meet the standards shown above, then it is time to look for a professional service that will help you maintain a healthy office environment. For more than 16 years, Compass Cleaning Solutions has provided experienced and professional office cleaning services. Our cleaning technicians help increase productivity levels and enhance overall business operations by creating cost-effective sanitization and disinfection programs. We have the customer reviews to prove it! Contact us today at 602-606-7900 to receive a free quote. We look forward to hearing about your commercial cleaning needs during an initial consultation with our team.