How to Restore Tenant Confidence in Commercial Office Buildings During COVID-19

by Mike Derryberry • February 05, 2021

COVID-19 Disinfection Services Are Key!

Commercial Office BuildingBecause of the coronavirus pandemic, a record number of Americans are working from home. While remote work has its advantages, many commercial building owners are counting down the days until their tenants can return safely to the office. However, many tenants and their employees have concerns that re-entering the workplace could expose them to COVID-19. If you are a commercial real estate (CRE) professional or facility manager, then you should have answers to the following questions.
  • Are the surfaces in the office getting cleaned and disinfected regularly?
  • How will you enforce social distancing guidelines in your commercial building?
  • What are the products and equipment being used to deliver the coronavirus cleaning?
  • Is there a COVID-19 cleaning checklist that I can see?
Additionally, it is also important for you to anticipate concerns that have not yet been voiced. While this may seem like an impossible task, you can create and maintain a warm, welcoming and safe workplace environment for your commercial tenants. In order to accomplish this, you must focus on the cleanliness of your commercial building. Every area in your building, from the on-site gym to the break room, must look clean and create an impeccable first impression. If not, then your tenants and their employees will return to the comfort of working in their own homes. Here are several steps you can take to restore tenant confidence in commercial office buildings.

1. Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

If you own a commercial building in Phoenix, Arizona, then you should look for an experienced and professional commercial cleaner in your local area. A top-rated commercial cleaning crew will have the proper certifications and understand how to correctly sanitize and disinfect a commercial building.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many companies are offering coronavirus disinfection services for the first time. However, you should look for a commercial cleaning company with many years of experience offering virus decontamination and disinfection services.

At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we have spent over ten years perfecting the practice of disinfection cleaning. While COVID-19 is new to the world, cleaning to eradicate viruses and bacteria is not new to us. We offer electrostatic disinfection services and have the ability to use antimicrobial sealer when cleaning commercial buildings in the Phoenix area. We will help you put on a brave face and show your tenants that returning to the workplace is a reasonable and safe option.

2. Create a COVID-19 Cleaning Checklist

After hiring an experienced commercial cleaning company near Phoenix, Arizona, you should work with them to create a COVID-19 cleaning checklist. Your commercial cleaners will use this checklist when performing their cleaning duties.

You should share this checklist with your tenants and their staff. It is important to let occupants know how the building is being cleaned. It is also important to let occupants know the last time the building was cleaned. Whenever possible, you should go one step further and release the following information to your commercial tenants.
  • Who cleaned what area of the building?
  • When did the cleaning take place?
  • Which products did they use?
  • When is the next coronavirus disinfection cleaning scheduled?
During this difficult time, your tenants deserve as much transparency as possible. This will help them feel that their safety and concerns are being adequately addressed. For many occupants, seeing a clean building is not enough to assuage their fears. They must feel in their hearts that you care about their safety and well-being. At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we can help you move closer to accomplishing this goal by putting together a COVID-19 cleaning checklist. Our team will do its part to help your tenants feel comfortable and safe returning to their office space.

3. Schedule a Regular Recurring Cleaning Service

Because the average number of daily coronavirus cases remains extremely high, it is likely that someone working in your building will contract the virus. It is important for you to have a cleaning plan in place before this happens to prevent panic. Your commercial cleaning provider should complete your COVID-19 cleaning checklist regularly. If someone working at your building tests positive for the coronavirus, then you should update your cleaning protocol and take extra measures to ensure the health and safety of your occupants. This may include the following:
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting all hard surfaces after a positive test
  • Deep cleaning of the chair, cubicles and furniture after a positive test
  • Having the HVAC team ensure all air filters are thoroughly cleaned
  • Cooperating with contract tracers to uncover the point of infection
Having a COVID-19 cleaning protocol will save you a lot of trouble in the long run. At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we offer regular recurring cleaning services for CRE owners and facility managers. We will assist you in developing a coronavirus cleaning checklist and perform thorough and consistent cleanings based on this list. We can also help you adjust this plan when someone working at your building tests positive for the virus. With the help of our COVID-19 disinfection services, we can help you restore tenant confidence in your commercial building.

COVID-19 Disinfection Services Near Phoenix, AZ

As a CRE owner or facility manager, it is important for you to keep your building open for business during the coronavirus pandemic. However, to make this a reality, you must have a virus decontamination and disinfection plan in place. At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we have many options to fight the spread of COVID-19 in your building. Contact us today at 602-691-6256 to receive top-notch COVID-19 disinfection services. Our team of professional cleaners will make sure your building is safe, clean and free of harmful germs and bacteria. Call today!