How to Keep Pests From Infiltrating Your Commercial Property

by Mike Derryberry • August 05, 2021

Pest Infestation in OfficeAs a business owner, you must keep your storefront and office looking their best. You never know when a potential customer is going to walk through your doors. Customers often assess the validity of a business by how clean and tidy the facility itself looks. The same goes for commercial office properties. As a commercial real estate owner, you want everyone who steps foot in your building to walk away impressed by its cleanliness. It is important, especially in the summer months, for you to do everything in your power to prevent pests from infiltrating your commercial property. Once insects or rodents find their way into your building, it is awfully difficult to get them out. Here are our best cleaning tips for preventing pest infestations inside your commercial property.

1. Perform Regular Maintenance on Your Entryways

One of the best things you can do to keep pests from infiltrating your commercial property is to perform regular maintenance on your entryways. Insects and bugs will typically find their way into your building through your exterior entry points. It is important for you to keep your entryways and windows as clean as possible to deter pests from coming inside. You should have a regular recurring cleaning service scheduled to clean your outside windows and ensure your lobby is in its best possible shape.

2. Clean the Kitchen and Break Areas in Your Building

Second, it is important for you to keep your building’s kitchen and break areas as clean as possible. Places with large amounts of food are a perfect breeding ground for pests, so you should make every attempt to keep these areas nice and tidy. A commercial cleaning crew can help you wipe down your tables and countertops, clean your kitchen shelves and cabinets and check behind any large appliances for possible signs of pests.

3. Remove Any Unnecessary Water Sources

Bugs and insects love moisture and need water to survive. Any areas that provide them with a recurring water source must be kept clean and routinely monitored. You should ensure that your bathrooms and utility rooms are expertly cleaned and free of any standing water that could attract pests. Additionally, you should pay close attention to the drains in your building and ensure that they are cleaned consistently. A commercial cleaning provider with many years of experience and excellent client reviews can help you with all of these important tasks.

4. Pay Attention to Your Office Plants

Office plants enhance the beauty of a commercial property and can help lift the mood of your customers, tenants and employees. However, they often get overlooked and receive little to no maintenance or cleaning. Simply put, you cannot afford to make this mistake. Uncared for plants often carry large amounts of dirt, dust and stagnant water, making them super attractive to pests and insects. For the sake of your facility, you should inspect your plants often and ensure that they are well-kept and looking pristine. You should also remove any plants that are showing signs of a pest infestation.

5. Clean the Furniture in Your Building

It is imperative that any high-traffic areas in your building are cleaned consistently and thoroughly. This includes the furniture in your building that can quickly become a hotbed of germs, allergens, dirt and dust. This combination can attract bugs and insects and give them the perfect place to make a cozy home and raise a pest family. A day porter service can regularly clean any common areas that are used by the entire building staff, visitors and guests. This would include cleaning and maintaining the integrity of your building’s furniture.

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