How To Keep Your Phoenix Workplace Cleaner, Safer and Eco-Friendly

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • June 19, 2017
Workplace Cleaning Services in Phoenix, AZ
Commercial and workplace cleaning services are becoming increasingly popular these days. This is happening for many reasons, not the least of which is because they help maximize office efficiency and productivity, leading to an increase in company revenue. Compass Cleaning Solutions offers commercial cleaning services in Phoenix and its surrounding areas for this reason and others, including helping to make a positive environmental impact.

We care about your workplace and the health and safety of your employees. We also care about doing what's right for Mother Nature.

At Compass Cleaning, we use organic products when performing our commercial cleaning practices to minimize the use of water as much as possible. Another advantage of using organic cleaning products is that they are very safe for people, including not only our staff, but also you and your employees. Our staff also uses specific methods when providing workplace and commercial cleaning services in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Glendale, Peoria and the rest of the Valley.

Some of our commercial cleaning practices include:
  • One of the main features of our services are window cleaning and commercial carpet cleaning. Part of maintaining a clean and healthy office or commercial area is keeping the windows and carpets/floors clean. Carpets especially can house many unhealthy microorganisms, so keeping them clean is vital. We will suggest how often to clean your windows and carpets/floors to help limit employee illness.
  • When cleaning offices, industrial units, commercial establishments and other structures, we use cleaning solutions that are made using nano natural technology. At Compass Cleaning, we also focus on distributed waste systems to help reduce waste. We distribute fully concentrated cleaning solutions, allowing our company and its franchise owners to use less plastic, water, and fuel, thus reducing overall waste.
  • In an effort to help create and promote a safe work environment, we help prevent slips, falls or any other unfortunate incident by promptly cleaning up requested spills and leaks. Our commercial cleaning services in Phoenix also include keeping aisles and exits clear of debris.
  • Another focus we have is maintaining a hazard-free environment. We do that by keeping combustible materials in the work area only when we're on the job. When they aren't needed, we store them safely or take them with us when we leave.
  • Some of our other commercial cleaning practices include dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and general cleaning to make sure you office looks great, smells great and is healthy for all who enter.
  • Help make your office or commercial area clean and healthy in an environmentally friendly way. Call today and put us to work!