Four Signs You Are in Need of Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

by Compass Cleaning • June 30, 2021
Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services
Cleaning a commercial facility takes a lot of work. If you are a business owner or a commercial property owner, then you may be tempted to save money by lowering your commercial cleaning budget and forgoing essential services such as carpet cleaning. Unfortunately, your customers and employees will eventually notice, resulting in a decline in profits and workplace productivity. It is essential for you to ensure your office carpeting is well-kept, clean and odor-free. However, you may not have the time or resources to make this a reality.

If you are too busy to maintain the cleanliness of your office carpeting, then you should look into hiring a commercial carpet cleaning service. There are many commercial cleaning providers in Phoenix, Arizona with decades of carpet cleaning experience that know how to get the job done right. Here are the top signs that your business is in need of commercial carpet cleaning services.

1. Unpleasant Odors

If you have neglected to take care of your office carpets, then dirt, mold, bacteria and allergens will begin to accumulate. Over time, your carpet will begin to emit an unpleasant odor that can cause problems for everyone in the office. You should have your carpets cleaned at least once a quarter to prevent them from smelling. However, if you notice an offensive odor coming from your carpets, then you know it is time to call a commercial cleaning team to take care of the problem.

2. Noticeable Stains or Discolored Patches

Does your office carpet have several noticeable stains that you just cannot seem to get out? Or does your office carpet have discolored patches because of significant wear and tear? If you answer yes to either of these questions, then it is time to schedule a detailed commercial carpet cleaning. If you leave noticeable stains or discolored patches untreated for too long, then they become stubborn and more difficult to remove. Thus, you should consult with a commercial carpet cleaning professional as soon as possible to help you resolve the issue.

3. Allergies

With allergy season upon us, it is important to keep your workplace as clean as possible to prevent the buildup of harmful allergens and bacteria. If your customers and employees are experiencing symptoms of seasonal allergies while in your place of business, then you should consider having your carpets cleaned. Your carpets have likely absorbed high quantities of dirt, dust, hair and other allergens that are affecting the air quality in your establishment. This could trigger a person’s allergies and cause him or her extreme discomfort.

4. Water Damage

Large spills and flooding can cause your office carpeting to deteriorate and become contaminated. If you leave your wet carpet untreated, then mold and mildew could surface, causing a whole host of problems that may not have an easy fix. You could end up having to replace your entire carpeting which is an expensive proposition. You should always attempt to repair any water damage before the structural integrity of your carpet is forever ruined. Contacting an experienced commercial carpet cleaning service will ultimately save you a lot of money in the long run and could return your carpeting to its original state.

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Are you convinced that your office carpeting requires commercial carpet cleaning services? If your carpet fits one or more of the scenarios described above, then you should give us a call. Our professional carpet cleaners have decades of experience performing floor cleaning and carpet cleaning services for a variety of commercial clients across Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding cities. Contact Compass Cleaning Solutions today at 602-606-7900 to request a free quote from our corporate office. We look forward to answering your frequently asked questions and providing you with more information about our award-winning services.

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COVID-19 Disinfection

Protecting your staff and your customers from unseen viruses is critical. Here is a how we disinfect and protect your facility against the COVID-19 and other viruses that may invade your space. Watch Video >
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