Do Your Core Values Make a Difference?

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • July 26, 2016
Compass Cleaning Solutions

In my last post I asked, ‘What separates a really great janitorial company from an average one?’ I said that Customer Service had to be the primary goal and objective (that is true for any great company regardless of their industry). While this is true I believe that the foundation of a company who treats its customers with respect and courtesy, are its core values. Every company has a set of core values whether they have thought about them or not. Core values are seen in how your employees treat vendors and customers. Your values are seen in how your employees treat one another. Is your company culture one that demands excellence or accepts mediocrity? Is the culture within your company one of individualism or of cooperation and teamwork? Think about it, your core values say a lot about your company, and everyone can see it.

In our case we have thought about our core values and we are intentional about how they play out in our interactions with our clients, our franchise owners and with our employees. I would like to spend time over the next several posts exploring these core values and how they play out in the life of our company. Hopefully these will give you some thought about your own organization as well.

We have determined that Teamwork, Integrity, Excellence and Passion are the values that will drive our company. Let me give you our definitions of each of these Core Values:
  • Teamwork: The cooperative effort of a team of people working together towards a common goal.
  • Integrity: Consistent actions, values and methods of honesty, truthfulness and transparency.
  • Excellence: Always providing excellent and superior service in every aspect of our organization.
I hope you will join us as we explore each of these values and I hope to hear from you as well.