Do I really get what I pay for?

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • December 04, 2017

I often wonder if this saying is really true, especially in the janitorial service industry. If the price is too low, are you getting less than you want or expected and if the price is too high, what extras are you getting? What does this mean when it comes to cleaning my offices?


As a commercial cleaning company one of the things we encounter when we are talking to our clients about pricing are the wages paid to the people who are doing the cleaning. If they are not making enough money, are they cutting corners to compensate? I realize that everyone has a different definition of how much money is enough, but shouldn’t we at least try to pay the minimum wage? Too often what we see is janitorial companies pricing service very low and then to make up for the lost profit, pay their cleaning crews less than they should be. What results is a cleaning crew that compensates by doing less and cutting corners. The ultimate loser is you, the client.


When hiring a janitorial service you should question what cleaning procedures are being used for cleaning, the cleaning products being used, what training is being given to the technicians, whether workplace safety issues are being addressed, what communication process is in place, what is covered by the companies insurance and the list goes on and on. Here is an all too common example; what kind of cleaning products are used to clean your restroom? Do the cleaners go to the local grocery store and buy the cheapest product on the market believing they can save some money and no one will ever know? And then, does it really clean the sinks and toilets? Will it make people sick? Does it disinfect? How important is disinfecting anyway? Having answers to these questions will help you get much better service in the long run.


I guess the bottom line is you really do get what you pay for these days. If you think you have a great deal and you are paying less for services compared to other price quotes, check out how much the janitors are making? What kind of products are they using? How much time are they spending cleaning? You may find that ‘deal’ isn’t really a deal.

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