Dirty restrooms can mean lost productivity

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • November 24, 2017
Commercial office cleaning
Nobody likes using a dirty restroom, but there may be financial reasons to pay for commercial cleaning in Phoenix to make sure that that restroom is as clean as possible. Not only will it help keep your employees happier throughout the year, but good janitorial services in Phoenix may make them more productive and help you get more work from your employees as well. Read on to find out why this is, and you’ll know exactly why it’s worth the cost to hire Arizona cleaning services.

Unhealthy Employees

While germs are spread everywhere throughout an office environment, and it’s important to keep all the sections of your office clean. The bathroom is one of the first spots that germs originate and get spread around. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you have services for commercial cleaning in Phoenix to handle sanitation. Not only is it bad for employees to be exposed to all the germs that breed in an unclean or unmaintained bathroom, but it’s likely costing your company money as well. Employees exposed to germs get sick much more often, and you have to pay the costs of that sickness. If you aren’t paying for janitorial services in Phoenix, you are spending thousands in added costs for sick employees every single year without realizing it. By keeping the space cleaner, you won’t have sick employees as often, and that means serious savings for you.

Reduced Job Satisfaction

There have been countless studies on job satisfaction and how it affects efficiency and performance at work. The final conclusion seems to be that satisfied employees are far more valuable than the guys just skating by at the office. That’s why it’s important to do everything that you can to keep employees happy. A good place to start is clean bathrooms. Arizona cleaning services can leave restrooms with that sparkling clean smell and look that lets employees know that you care about them. They will see the time and effort given to the care of the facilities and will enjoy using them more as a result. Taking small steps to improve employee satisfaction will earn you improved performance in the office, and getting nice clean bathrooms is one way to accomplish that goal.

Wasted Time on Cleaning

The answer for many companies today is to hire some of their own employees to go to work and clean up the restrooms. This simply isn’t the best approach. It makes much more sense to look into janitorial services in Phoenix instead. Hiring one of these services means that you can get the professional help to get your restrooms sparkling clean. It also means that you don’t have to dedicate man hours to meeting cleaning demands. Instead, you can just have your company for commercial cleaning in Phoenix comes in a few times a week to handle all the serious cleaning tasks. Sure it makes sense to assign a worker or two to handle minor cleaning and maintenance tasks, but the more heavy-duty cleaning jobs are best for Arizona cleaning services to handle instead. You’ll save time and money going with professionals and will enjoy better results as well.

Just a small investment in Arizona cleaning services could be what you need to boost productivity and results in the office for your workers. You’ll be delighted to see that more work is being done and less workers are calling in sick after you take real steps to get the space cleaner overall. It’s an investment that can pay off in a big way over time, and who doesn’t want to have a clean office environment anyway?