Consistent Commercial Floor Cleaning, an added expense or an investment?

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • March 18, 2019
Commercial floor cleaning
From the outside of your building to your windows and floors your businesses reputation ultimately goes far beyond your products and services.

Commercial floor maintenance, for example, is often looked at as an expense rather than as a way to actually save a business money and extend their professional appearance.  However, when you consider the replacement cost for tile flooring and compare that to the value of refinishing a floor several times a year, the cost savings is undeniable.

Consistent Floor Care

Getting your business on a regular floor care plan with a qualified commercial floor cleaning company experienced in proper floor care can save you thousands of dollars and provide you a lovely floor finish that will 'reflect' well on your company.

Beware however of janitorial cleaning companies that want to strip a floor every time they stop by to clean. When stripping a floor, a little bit of the floor tile is removed along with the finish which can shorten the life of a floor making it more costly in the long run.

With today's finishes and proper application tools, stripping once every several years is all that is needed as long as the floors are cleaned and refinished correctly in a manner that is consistent with your unique traffic patterns.

Regular scrubbing and refinishing a floor as well as frequent buffing and burnishing can not only reflect well on your business; it can also push the inevitable replacement cost out several years. Scrubbing is similar to stripping in that some finish is removed (top layers only) and a low-speed machine is used to remove the finish. The big difference is that a cleaning solution is used instead of a solvent stripper and only the top layer of finish is removed.

Protecting Your Hard Flooring Investment

Do you have flooring in your office other than carpet or VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile)? 

What about wood flooring, ceramic tile, laminate flooring or an exotic floor like Bamboo?

Do you have suspended flooring for electrical conduit or telecommunications cable?

The one thing that these floors have in common is that they can all be ruined by excessive water.  For example in the case of suspended floors, the damage can be even more catastrophic if electrical circuits are shorted out.

Microfiber & Flat vs. String Mops

Does your commercial cleaning company still use the old dirty string mop and yellow bucket to clean your floors?

Using a string mop has the highest potential to damage your floors, and yet over and over again we see cleaning companies using these tools.  With the technology available to dramatically improve the cleaning and protect your flooring we have to wonder why they are still utilizing old technology.

The system that we recommend and use every day is based on microfiber and flat mop technology.

Microfiber holds up to seven times its weight in fluid and because its 'capture and hold' capabilities far exceed that of standard fabric, very little moisture is used and therefore left on the surface of the floor.

With the capture & hold feature excess water will not damage your floors and the water will not penetrate suspended floors to cause even more damage.

The added benefit of a microfiber mop is the ability to remove more dirt and grime leaving your floors cleaner and absent of milky streaks left by traditional mopping systems.

Regular Carpet Cleaning Reduces Costs

Having your commercial carpets cleaned regularly by a professional commercial carpet cleaning company can improve the filtration qualities of your carpet and add to the life expectancy as well.

Keeping your carpets clean can actually improve your bottom line and your health.  Carpets act like filters that trap bacteria, dander, and allergens. By catching these particles, they are kept out of the air.

The bad news is that those same carpets can't keep filtering particles indefinitely. We replace or clean filters in our car, our water system and our HVAC and tons of other applications, your carpet is no different.

If your carpets are not regularly and thoroughly vacuumed, we recommend one to two times a week as the buildup of particles can become a problem not only for the air quality but appearance and performance as well. 

Establishing regular cleaning service for daily, or at least weekly, vacuuming and regularly scheduled carpet cleaning will help you keep your carpets clean and beautiful and will extend their life for several years, which again will ultimately save you money. 

Carpets and Workplace Illness

There are two opposing views on the contribution of carpets to workplace illness and allergies.

On one side is the view that carpets act as a filter and remove dust, bacteria, and allergens from the air. The assertion is that since these things are trapped in the carpet and are not floating free in the air, it’s better for workplace health.

On the other side are those who say that it is precisely the trapping nature of the carpet fabric that makes it so unhealthy.

In either case, regular cleaning of your carpets is imperative.

Benefits of Professional, Recurring Carpet Cleaning
  • Extend the life of your carpets and defer the replacement cost by several years
  • Remove potential allergens, dander, and bacteria which will lead to a healthier work environment
  • Restore and maintain the beauty and functionality of the carpet which adds to the positive perception of your business
At Compass Cleaning Solutions we recommend that carpets be thoroughly vacuumed at least 1-2 times every week with a vacuum equipped with HEPA filtration to prevent dust from being reintroduced into the air and to remove all dirt and bacteria that collects in carpeting.

If your carpets are in a high traffic area, they should be vacuumed more often. Also, having carpets cleaned on a regular schedule will remove the buildup of dust, dander, and bacteria that vacuuming alone cannot get.

To learn more about how commercial floor & carpet cleaning can help your bottom line contact Compass Cleaning Solutions or call (602)691-6256 or toll-free (877)221-1213 today!