A Complete List on How To Prevent The Spread Of Cold & Flu At The Workplace

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • January 17, 2018
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The viruses of colds and flu can easily spread because they’re airborne. With a small sneeze, the virus can transfer from one person to another. If you want to prevent the spread of cold and flu in your workplace, keep reading.

Get Flu Vaccinations

As what the famous adage says, prevention is the best cure. The best way to prevent your employees from colds and flu is to get a flu vaccine every season. According to the CDC, there are several flu vaccine choices you can try for the 2017-2018 flu season.

Many offices are now offering flu vaccinations for their employees. The employees don’t mind getting them because it means protection for themselves against the disease. People are more likely to get flu shots if it’s convenient for them.

Keep Your Distance

Whenever you get sick, stay at home until all their symptoms resolve. This will help stop the spread of cold and flu viruses to your co-workers in the office. A person with cold and flu are usually contagious 24 hours before symptoms manifest and up to one week after getting well.

If you have to sneeze or cough, cover your mouth with a tissue or handkerchief. You don’t want to be spreading the germs in the air. You may also wear a mask to prevent the spread of viruses.

Clean Your Hands

The flu virus is often spread through droplets when an infected person sneezes or coughs. Germs are often transmitted from hands to mouth. When you bite your nails, eat your food, or touch your lips, you may catch the virus.

One way to prevent the spread of cold and flu viruses is to wash your hands with soap and water. You should wash your hands before and after particular activities. If you can’t access any soap and water, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol.

Avoid Close Contact

Another basis of prevention is to avoid exposure. Avoid close contact with people whom you know have a cold or flu. Chances are, infected people sneezed on their hands and shaking them will put you at high risk.

Cold and flu viruses are often spread when you touched a contaminated surface. For this reason, avoid touching your eyes or mouth because you increase your risks of catching the virus.

Clean And Disinfect Surfaces

Respiratory droplets carrying cold and flu viruses may inhabit in surfaces or objects. When you touch these surfaces, you may get contaminated with the diseases especially if you touch your face. Cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces may be a great way to stop the spread of cold and flu viruses.

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