Complaint: My Floors Look Like They Weren’t Mopped

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • April 08, 2016
Compass Cleaning Solutions

Dirty, streaky floors are one of the most common cleaning complaints commercial cleaning companies hear. Unlike other areas of your building, everyone sees your floors. If the floors are not clean the belief is that the rest of the building isn’t clean either. Keeping the floors clean will take professional attention, but also more importantly, using the right tools, products and processes (procedures), to get what you expect.

One major issue for many companies is that they continue to use technology that was developed over 100 years ago. They simply cannot achieve the same results as janitorial companies who have adapted to current changes in cleaning technology. The most common site for most cleaning crews is a yellow bucket and rope mop. We tell our cleaning technicians that using these tools is like rearranging chairs on the Titanic; you look busy but you aren’t solving the problem.

Today a serious professional janitorial cleaning company will use Microfiber flat mops in conjunction with an environmentally friendly solution-dispensing system to minimize water use, increase cleaning effectiveness and, in the process, preserve your floors. Products like Microfiber ‘trap’ dirt not just move it around the floor. This technology, when used correctly, will eliminate the use of dirty water to try and clean floors and will essentially eliminate cross contamination from one room to another where bacteria spread is an issue.

In addition to using the proper mopping system, using the proper cleaning solutions is critical as well. Too often harsh chemicals are used which will dull the finish of your floor. Sometimes the cleaners will use a solution that is too strong and will then leave a tacky residue which attracts more dirt and makes the floors look dirty. The bottom line is, a cleaning company that trains the cleaners to dilute properly or use dispensing systems in conjunction with a neutral PH cleaning solution will always get a clean floor without residue or damaged finish.

One thing you as a client can do is invest in walk off mats and chair mats. The expense of buying or renting mats will ultimately save you money in the long run. Studies have shown that up to 90% of all dirt and debris that enters a building comes from foot traffic. The use of entry mats at each access point can reduce wear on floors and carpets by as much as 60-70% over the life of a floor. Mats just make good economic sense.