Commercial cleaning tips during allergy season

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • August 31, 2017

Commercial Cleaning in Arizona

Allergies are a major inconvenience, especially when they affect the performance of your employees. One of the top three reasons that people are not able to make it work is allergies. And even if your employees do make it to the office, allergies can still have a significant impact on their productivity. It is important that you keep your office allergen-free during allergy season. One of the best ways to do this is to hire commercial cleaning services in Arizona.

Commercial cleaning services that offer office cleaning and window cleaning in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas will reduce your employees’ general exposure to allergens and other irritants. The following cleaning tips will be able to help.

1. Control dust mites

Dust mites are commonly found in homes, but they can also be carried into offices through clothing. Many surfaces in your office may house dust mites, like cubicle walls, carpets, and upholstered furniture. Hiring commercial cleaning services in Arizona to frequently clean your office carpets will help prevent issues. This, combined with window cleaning, should help eliminate dust mites.

2. Don’t forget the windows

When it comes to office cleaning, window cleaning is often neglected. Window cleaning is something that you should not take for granted. Dust and dirt may accumulate in your office windows, triggering allergies. The best commercial cleaning services in Arizona that offer office cleaning in Phoenix, AZ, are able to clean windows along with other surfaces.

3. Minimize moisture

Moisture can cause dust mites and mold to spread. See to it that you clean up signs of water and check for moisture around doorways, sinks, and windows.

Don't let allergies ruin your employees' productivity. Hire commercial cleaning services in Arizona that carry out office cleaning and window cleaning.