Commercial Cleaning and How Often You Should Clean Carpets and Windows

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • May 16, 2017
Commercial Carpet Cleaning Phoenix, AZ

When you hire Compass Cleaning Solutions, we take it very seriously. We value your business and partnership, and we take every measure possible to provide the highest level of service and satisfaction.

A large focus of our services is on maintaining clean windows and floors, including carpet. When cleaning these areas, we have gone through extensive measures to use products and commercial cleaning practices that are as environmentally friendly as possible. Compass Cleaning believes in cleaning with organic products that are safe for the customers and the environment. We value both revenue and health as we strive to implement eco-friendly commercial cleaning practices. Thus, we suggest how often you should have us clean your windows and carpets.

We specialize in window cleaning and carpet cleaning for offices, industrial units, commercial establishments and others. We also have our cleaning solutions made using nano-natural technology, and we focus on distributed waste systems as we are determined to reduce waste. We distribute fully concentrated cleaning solutions. This allows our company and its franchise owners to use less plastic, less water, and less fuel, which reduces overall waste.

We help your business grow by helping increase your business's productivity, performance, and profitability. We believe in creating a safe, healthy, and organized environment for you and your employees.

How often you call us for your window cleaning and carpet cleaning in Phoenix depends on the following factors:
  • If the color of your carpet is pale or if you have solid shades. These show more dirt than any other pattern and require more cleaning to look fresh and new.
  • The level of dirt that finds its way into your office buildings or facility. High-traffic areas obviously need more frequent care than low-traffic areas.
  • If there are individual stains on your carpeting, they will diminish the life of the carpet. If your office has areas in which food is consumed or dirt/debris settle, you will need to have carpet cleaning services more often.
  • If you want preventative cleaning. For heavy-traffic areas like entrances and ground floor halls, you want preventative cleanings 12-24 times a year. The more, the better, but at least once a month.
Cleaning Carpets and Windows

Cleaning Carpets:

How often do you need to clean commercial carpets?

With the constant flow of people coming in and leaving your business every day, many Arizona owners and facility managers are faced with the question of how often to clean the carpets in their offices. Pounds of pesky dirt and dust particles are tracked in, and depending on the type and color of the carpet that you have, sometimes the build-up shows more quickly than with others.

The three main factors to consider when deciding how often you need to clean the carpets in your commercial space:
  • Type of carpet
  • Color
  • Traffic Patterns
When it comes to deep cleaning your carpets, heavier traffic areas require professional cleaning once or twice a month, while lighter traffic areas need to be cleaned about twice per year. Medium traffic areas need professional cleaning on a quarterly basis.

Aside from preventative cleaning, heavy traffic areas need to be vacuumed daily to prevent dust and dirt build up. Medium traffic areas should be vacuumed 3-4 times per week while lighter traffic can withstand once per week. Spot cleaning should be done on a case by case basis to eliminate stains as quickly as possible.

Cleaning your carpet will not diminish the lifespan by any means — it actually enhances it. The better you care for the carpet in your commercial space or office, the longer it will last and the better it will look.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

How to keep commercial carpets clean?

In order to keep your commercial carpets clean, it’s important to hire a professional carpet cleaning company like Compass Cleaning Solutions to establish routine carpet cleanings. By scheduling regular carpet cleanings, you will extend the life of your office and maintain a healthier working environment.

Here are a few tips on keeping commercial carpets clean:
  • Use a newer, high-quality vacuum to reduce the amount of time it takes to clean. Backpack vacuums are the best option when it comes to cleaning commercial space due to the myriad of desks and other obstacles where a traditional vacuum would be difficult to maneuver.
  • Provide easy to access spot treatment tools so that stains can be treated immediately. The more quickly the spot is treated, the longer the life of your carpet will be.
  • Use green certified products to follow sustainable carpet cleaning methods. Using high-quality, organic products will prolong the life of your carpet with regular cleaning.
  • Compass Cleaning Solutions uses the best technology and green cleaning supplies to keep your office in the best shape and in the best health possible.
What are the best green products for carpet cleaning?

Using antibacterial products regularly can create bacteria resistance in your commercial space. It’s better to use balanced PH, organic cleaners during routine carpet cleaning. Keep your employees healthy by staying away from harsh chemical cleaners that have been found to be endocrine and reproductive disruptors. Improve the air quality in your office by eliminating the odors of chemical cleaners.

Here is a list of some of the best green products for carpet cleaning:
  • Begley’s Household Stain & Odor Remover
  • Martha Stewart Clean Carpet Stain Remover
  • Naturally it’s Clean Carpet Spot-Treat
  • Simple Green Naturals Carpet Care
  • Matt by Eco-Me Natural Carpet Freshener
  • Better Life Natural Stain & Odor Eliminator
Can you sanitize commercial carpet?

Yes, you can sanitize commercial carpets by using green cleaning products that kill harmful bacteria and reduce the spread of germs and viruses. Compass Cleaning Solutions uses products that do the job right without relying on ‘anti-bacterial’ cleaners. We focus on the harmful bacteria and wipe them out using proper techniques.

Cleaning office carpets

The right way to clean your office carpets

Determining the best way to clean your office carpets depends on the traffic in your office, the patterns in your carpet and the type of carpet that you have. Follow these tips to make sure you’re cleaning your office carpets the right way:

Establish a regular maintenance schedule

Depending on the traffic in your office, determine how often you need to be vacuuming and deep cleaning different areas of your carpet.

Vacuum regularly

Keep pesky dirt and dust to a minimum while extending the life of your carpet by vacuuming regularly. The amount of traffic in particular parts of your office will determine how often you should vacuum.

Deep clean regularly

While vacuuming will eliminate a majority of dirt and dust, you still need to deep clean to remove the rest. The amount of traffic in particular parts of your office will determine how often you should deep clean.

Be proactive about spot treatment

Utilize spot treatments asap when it comes to stain. Provide access to green spot treatment products and teach employees how to use them properly.

Choose carpets that resist and hide stains

Dark, stain-resistant, patterned carpet is a great option for commercial office spaces. Lighter carpets will show stains quickly and more frequently.

How to deep clean office carpet?
Hot water extraction method of deep cleaning maintains great appearance and overall lifespan of your office carpet. It removes the 20% of trapped build up that vacuuming does now.

Hot water extraction removes 97% of bacteria from your carpet and reaches the deepest layers of dust and dirt. The hot water destroys any of the bacteria and is washed away by high pressure. A vacuum then sucks up the surface layers that appear. Consider the needed time for drying and if that will work within your schedule.

Compass Cleaning Solutions is an expert when it comes to deep cleaning office carpets and will utilize the best methods with green, clean products every time.

Cleaning Windows:

Cleaning office windows

How frequently do you need to clean office windows?

The frequency of cleaning your office windows depends on a few factors like location, weather, business type, landscaping, and building structure. Each of these factors will determine how often you need to clean your office windows to maintain a great outside appearance for your customers, as well as keeping your office as healthy as possible.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Healthcare offices need monthly window cleanings to ensure that your patients get a sense of cleanliness when visiting your office.
  • Restaurants need window cleanings every two weeks on both the inside and outside due to grease buildup and moisture. Fingerprints are also a factor that will determine the frequency of your window cleaning.
  • Office buildings require full cleaning two times per year. The ground floor and lobby will need cleaning more frequently every week to every other week depending on the condition.
  • Retail offices need window cleanings every one to two weeks depending on store traffic.
  • Keeping a regular maintenance schedule with a commercial cleaner like Compass Cleaning Solutions will ensure that your windows are always cleaned on time and the right way with green cleaning products. The impression that you leave on current and potential customers and clients is key to running a successful, healthy business.
Several factors that impact commercial window cleaning

There are a few factors impact commercial window cleaning and how often your windows should be cleaning. Here is a breakdown of conditions to keep in mind when determining your routine schedule with your professional cleaning company.


If you are near busy streets, your windows will get dirtier quicker due to residue put off into the air building up on the outside of your office. If you’re in a lower traffic area, you won’t need to have your windows cleaned as often.


Living in Arizona, there is a lot of dust in the air, especially during dust storms. This dust builds up on the outside of your business and will add to the frequency of your window cleanings. Locations with a lot of rain will also require cleanings more often to remove dirt and minerals left by the rain.


If your business has a lot of plants and trees right around it, they could drip sap and also put off particles into the air that build up on the windows. If there are not many plants or trees right around your office, you may not need your windows cleaned as often.


Some architectural structures trap more dirt and dust on the windows than others do. If you have inset windows, you might need more frequent cleaning.


If you have people constantly touching the windows, like small children, you will require more window cleanings. Traffic is also a consideration of the type of business you run and the customers that you’re trying to attract. Making a good first impression is key.

Cleaning exterior windows

What is the best way to clean exterior windows?

The best way to clean exterior windows is with non-toxic, organic green cleaning solutions while utilizing the proper techniques. It’s important not to rub your windows, especially in a circular motion. By doing that, you will actually create magnetic properties that end up attracting dust more quickly when you’re finished cleaning. Following the proper techniques while using the proper tools is imperative to clean your exterior windows efficiently. Here is the best way to clean your exterior windows:
  • Start with a strip applicator - A strip applicator is a long, cloth cleaning supply that soaks up water. It doesn’t scratch the glass and pushes dirt loose.
  • Wipe the windows clean with a squeegee - Start at the top, left of the window and make a reverse s-pattern while wiping the squeegee clean each stroke.
  • Leave your exterior windows to the pros - Compass Cleaning solutions has the supplies and expertise needed for proper, routine window cleaning.
How to clean office windows with a squeegee?

After using a wet mop to lift the dirt off of the windows, you can use a squeegee to collect the dirt and water off of the windows. Move the squeegee at a 45 degree angle across the glass starting in the left top corner and moving across in an s-shape. After each stroke, wipe the squeegee free of water and dirt. Keep a consistent, medium pressure while moving across the glass. You will want to use a microfiber cloth to wipe excess water from the edges of the glass and the window sills.

Compass Cleaning Solutions use expert techniques to leave your windows streak-free. If you’re new to cleaning office windows with a squeegee, your window cleaning task can be time-consuming and also difficult to perfect.

Cleaning office windows

How do professionals clean commercial windows?

Professionals clean commercial windows with specific techniques that ensure the dirt and dust is removed, without creating static charges by rubbing that then attracts dust. A squeegee, squeegee wet cover, and dry cleaning cloths do the job well. Using a good clean, green-certified cleaning solution is also important to maximize the eco-friendliness of your business.

The first step is to pour your green cleaning solution into a bucket or container. Next, use the squeegee with the wet cover to cover the entire surface of the window with the cleaning solution.

After that, remove the wet cover or cloth from the squeegee and draw the squeegee across the window with medium pressure in an s-shape starting in the top left corner. At the end of every stroke, curve the squeegee downward and use a fresh and clean cloth to wipe the squeegee of excess water and dirt. This keeps the formation of streaks from occurring.

The last step is to dry the drips on the windows with a cleaning cloth and soak up any cleaning solution on the window sill.

Leaving window cleaning to the professionals like those at Compass Cleaning Solutions will ensure your windows are streak free and squeaky clean on a routine basis. Whether you’re in Phoenix, Tempe or another part of Arizona, Compass Cleaning Solutions is dedicated to using only green, safe products in their franchise-based commercial cleaning services in Arizona. With a rise in awareness of the toxins and dangers of common cleaning supplies, we set ourselves apart by helping employers provide clean, green and healthier work environments for their employees.