Cleaning Technology? Really?

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • January 30, 2017
Cleaning technology

Our third post on Critical Questions to Ask Your Janitorial Service Provider: Are Your People Trained To Use the Newest Technology?

Training for cleaning technicians, like any position, requires effort and follow up. While cleaning technicians are generally perceived as lower skill workers it is a mistake to assume that just anyone can do the job. More and more, newer technology is demanding that cleaning technicians have an awareness of products, tools and systems in order to get the best possible results. Introducing any new technology without providing the proper instruction as to its effective use will net no appreciable improvement in quality.

If the cleaning company you are considering does not have a system or process for training their employees in the first place and a follow up process to insure competency in the long run, you as the client will pay the price. Take time to ask what the training process is and how the crews are monitored. If the sales person can’t offer a clear explanation for why a product or tool is used and the unique process required to achieve the best possible results, it is likely they are only throwing out buzz words to try and impress you, the potential client, and have no real experience with the products and tools.

Cleaning Tools

One example is Microfiber towels and mop pads. Microfiber has unique qualities which require a minimal amount of cleaning solution (which is good for the pocketbook and the environment). Typical cleaning with other fabrics requires that the towels and mops be saturated in order to work adequately. Saturating a Microfiber towel or mop pad will make it less productive. The fiber not only holds dirt and liquid up to seven times its own weight but the fibers’ scrubbing characteristics far exceed other products. Why is this important? Generally, Microfiber is more expensive than other fabric and therefore will typically be used only by companies truly committed to cleaning effectiveness. Ask the janitorial service provider you are considering, or your current provider, to show you the towels and mops they are using. Their response should tell you a lot about their long term commitment to the environment as well as their commitment to achieving the highest level of clean for your building. Without training in how to effectively use Microfiber products, the cleaning technician would actually get worse results than if he or she had never switched towels or mops.


While training technicians on the proper tools and systems to use is critical, it is equally important for them to use the proper cleaning solutions and products as well. An improperly diluted cleanser can damage floors, furniture and potentially sinks and equipment as well. Having an understanding of what the cleaning product is and where it should be applied is key to achieving your desired results. One solution is to ask your potential cleaning company if they have a dilution control system. A company that has a system and can explain it is a company that understands the ramifications of poorly dispensed products and the damage they can cause.

What are your options?

As you read this you may already have a service provider, and after all this isn’t that important, right? This is a fairly common reaction and on one level it is understandable. But consider this, if having your office clean is not an option, you have only two choices hire a service that is not aware of, or cares about, current trends and technology and will cost you time and money or a service provider who is not only aware of what advantages the new technology has, but implements it into the day to day operation saving you money and providing a more complete clean. You are a smart business person. You will always choose ‘better for less’ in every area of your operation, why not in the janitorial service as well?

Although cleaning may seem simple enough there is plenty going on that the average person may not see. You, as an aware consumer, need to make sure that the people you hire are fully aware and implementing the latest technologies to provide you with the best results.