Carpet Cleaning Reduces Costs

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • March 31, 2016
Compass Cleaning Solutions

Having your commercial carpets cleaned regularly by a professional carpet cleaning company can improve the filtration qualities of your carpet and add to the life expectancy as well. Keeping your carpets clean can actually improve your bottom line and your health. We all like the noise reduction, the warmth and even the beauty of carpets, but have you ever thought about how your carpet may be helping your indoor air quality? Carpets act like filters that trap bacteria, dander and allergens. By trapping these particles they are kept out of the air. That is the good news.

The bad news is that those same carpets can’t keep filtering those particles indefinitely. You have to replace or clean filters in your car, your water system, your HVAC and tons of other applications. Your carpet is no different. If your carpets are not thoroughly vacuumed (at least one to two times a week), the build up of these particles can become a problem not only for air quality but appearance and performance as well.

Extraction is the most common process for cleaning carpets but even here there are differences. The use of harsh chemicals to clean carpets is just not recommended. Today technology has brought us things like Ionized water which not only kills virtually anything it comes into contact with but ultimately leaves no residue because it is, after all, just water. There are also ‘dry’ cleaning options which use similar technology to charge dirt particles which then cling together to be later vacuumed and removed.

Establishing a regular cleaning service for daily, or at least weekly, vacuuming and regularly scheduled carpet cleaning will help you keep your carpets clean and beautiful and will extend their life for several years, which will ultimately save you money.