9 Major Advantages Of Commercial Cleaning Services

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • June 01, 2017
Commercial Cleaning Services
Commercial cleaning services are in high demand these days, and one of the popular commercial cleaning services in Phoenix is Compass Cleaning Solutions.

Our team is passionate about our work and the environment. This is the reason we use organic cleaning products and minimize the use of water as much as possible. Another advantage of using organic cleaning products is they are very safe for people working in commercial spaces.

There are many benefits of hiring commercial cleaning services, such as:

1. Less time consuming

We at Compass Cleaning Solutions use organic cleaning solutions made of Nano-Natural technology. As a result, the organic solutions' pH level becomes high and kills bacteria within 60 seconds. It is a very strong solution, but it does not leave any hazardous waste behind. Our commercial cleaning technicians use gloves and eye protection while cleaning commercial spaces.

2. Better focus on work

By hiring Compass for your commercial cleaning services in Arizona, you can focus entirely on your business without worrying about the cleanliness of your workspace.

3. Experience

We at Compass Cleaning Solutions have experienced and skilled cleaning technicians who are specialized in cleaning commercial buildings. Our aim is to create a clean, safe, healthy and organized environment for you and your staff.

4. Reasonable price

We charge affordable prices. If you make your employees get involved in cleaning services, they would use more resources like water and cleaning solutions. And due to lack of experience, they often require repetitive work as well. This would waste their time and your money.

5. Access to various commercial cleaning services

Going with our commercial cleaning services gives you access to various cleaning services. Commercial cleaning service technicians can clean any type of room for you, from offices to bathrooms.

Commercial Cleaning in Mesa, AZ
6. Longer-lasting work equipment

Employing a reliable commercial cleaning service for your workplace is not only for the benefit of the working environment. One of its main advantages is that the equipment you use in your office will last longer. If the place is spic and span, it follows that office equipment is free of dust and other contaminants that may cause long-term negative effects on your equipment.

Things like computers, tables and chairs, and even the temperature unit will benefit from the maintenance that a commercial cleaning service provides. Looked at this way, commercial cleaning isn't just an investment in your employee's wellbeing, it is an investment in the well being of your machinery, too.

7. Energy saving

Being that your environment and work equipment will be clean, the next logical conclusion is that you will save energy for being more efficient. Coffee-makers, heaters, and air-conditioners do not need to work as much as when there are lots of dust and other foreign elements around. Air conditioners, in particular, are hugely inefficient when they are clogged up with dust. A commercial cleaning unit can keep costs down.

8. An environment-friendly decision

On top of the obvious personal advantages to employees (like lowered risks of disease, etc.), hiring a commercial cleaning service will be an eco-friendly decision. Not only do you get the benefits of a clean and comfortable working environment, you and your office also do your part to preserve nature for generations down the line. It's a win-win situation.

How may you ask? Well, workplaces usually have waste that does not naturally decompose, like plastics. They also use materials that contain chemical solutions harmful to nature, like leftover ink, and even used batteries. By hiring a professional, commercial cleaning service, you can be sure that these materials are disposed of properly. No ink spills on some random soil, no used battery carrying the risk of contaminating land that has wildlife.

9. A significant morale boost, with fewer distractions

Being in a clean working environment is a surefire way to boost your company employees' morale at work. No one likes to do their job on a stinky, dirty workstation. Likewise, every employee would be amazed at how the office maintains a very comfortable ambiance despite the busy work schedules. Employees are more likely to do their work faster and more effectively in an environment that exudes warmth and a welcome atmosphere.