9 Best Natural Ways to Clean Commercial Carpets in 2018

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • March 20, 2018
Commercial carpet cleaning

Carpet is an excellent investment for most office buildings and gives the place a professional look while also making it easy to maintain. Unfortunately, there is a decent amount of work that goes into maintaining carpets and it’s easy to do the wrong thing when trying to keep the carpet in good shape. Careful cleaning steps are important to know if you plan on having a carpet in your business, and many business owners also want to do things with natural products. That’s why we’re going to 9 different natural cleaning techniques to help clean up carpets and keep them in good shape over time.


One of the most effective techniques for commercial carpet cleaning in AZ is vacuuming with a powerful machine. Invest in a good vacuum and regularly suck out any dirt and debris to limit wear and contamination.

Blot the Stain First

One tip for effective commercial carpet cleaning in AZ is to blot up any stains the moment that you see them. This is a technique that helps limit stains and prevents spreading from occurring as well. A good service for corporate cleaning in Tempe, AZ can help remove stains even after they are set, but blotting them to help keep them damp and get rid of much of the liquid will make getting rid of the stain much easier overall.

Use a Baking Soda Pre Treatment

Baking soda is a powerful freshener and can help remove grease and other contaminants effectively. If you don’t plan on hiring a company offering commercial cleaning in Mesa, AZ baking soda can make all the difference. Start any carpet cleaning project by applying a good layer of baking soda over top of the stained area. It can be swept or vacuumed up at that point to remove much of the moisture and clean the carpet.

Office Carpet cleaning in Arizona

Clean with Vinegar

There is no need to invest in expensive soaps and detergents for cleaning carpet when there are highly effective natural methods for cleaning the carpet. Try using white vinegar for corporate cleaning in Tempe, AZ. Add it to a shampooer or apply it to a rug and blot the area clean after letting it sit there. White vinegar helps break up stains and later dissolves away along with its smell.

Add in Essential Oils

A nice touch that many businesses offering commercial carpet cleaning in AZ is a pleasant smell after cleaning. Special cleaning agents are good for this purpose, but so are essential oils. When making a mix of white vinegar or other cleaning solutions, add in some lemon essential oil, or another scent that you enjoy. This leaves behind a pleasant smell that’s more professional than cleaning without any scents.

Clean with Hot Water

Hot water straight into a shampooer is a good tool for commercial carpet cleaning in AZ. It can be used at any time to remove dirt from the floors without leaving behind any sort of scent at all. Use it for light cleaning regularly.

Castile Soap

Castile soap is a powerful cleaning agent and when diluted works well for removing greasy substances from the carpet. Use it sparingly to clean up particularly soiled sections, and then rinse the carpet thoroughly. Commercial cleaning in Mesa, AZ often relies on this one tool.

An Enzyme Cleaner

Enzyme-based cleaning products can be natural and work well to get out urine and other pet odors. Many services offering corporate cleaning in Tempe, AZ rely on this type of product to break up tough stains and especially for odors.

Dust Regularly

While it might not sound like carpet cleaning advice, a good way to prevent the need for commercial carpet cleaning in Mesa, AZ is to dust regularly. Much of the soil that makes its way into carpets comes from airborne dust, and that can be removed with a damp dusting cloth easily.

Apply these different steps to clean just like a company offering commercial carpet cleaning in AZ, or just hire the company and save yourself some time.