8 DIY cleaning hacks will make your office cleaner

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • September 22, 2017
Office cleaning in Phoenix, AZ
Nobody wants to work in a messy office, and that’s why it’s important to think about creative ways to keep your space clean. The best way to keep a clean workplace is to invest in office cleaning in Phoenix, AZ. But if circumstances prevent that as an option, there are ways to do without commercial cleaning services in Arizona.

Clean floors with a specialized scrubber

While it’s perfectly fine to clean your home with a vacuum cleaner and broom, those tools aren’t good enough for most commercial office spaces. One of the best hacks for office cleaning in Phoenix, AZ, is to invest in a floor scrubber. This industrial device cleans floors more effectively and it takes care of cleaning tasks in less time as well. It’s like a mop on steroids.

Keyboard cleaning with tape

Having trouble reaching all the little nasty objects between the keys on your keyboard? Have no fear, there is a simple solution to this problem. Take some clear tape and lightly dab it on the sections in between the keys of the keyboard. The tape will easily pick up all the little pieces of debris, leaving you with clean keys.

Stock up on baby wipes

Baby wipes are an excellent tool to help you keep your workspace nice and clean. Keep a box of them stashed away in your supplies and you’ll always have a simple way to wipe up spills and other issues that you have around your desk. You’ll have less tasks for office cleaning in Phoenix, AZ if you stock up on wipes at all times.

Vinegar scissors

If you use scissors regularly, you know how annoying it is when the blades start to stick together. This happens because of all the nasty compounds that collect on the surface of your scissors. Luckily there is a simple way to deal with this problem. Simply set your scissors in vinegar. A vinegar solution will take off all the little nasty bits that cause the scissors to stick together, leaving you with a perfectly functioning office tool.

Hand sanitizer for whiteboard

Hand sanitizer is excellent to keep around for a few different reasons. The first reason is because it helps you keep from spreading germs. The second reason is because hand sanitizer works wonders on a dirty whiteboard. Wipe the board down with the sanitizer to help clean it up.

Use compressed air

Compressed air is a versatile tool around the office. It works to clean out the crevices in your keyboard that you can’t reach using most other methods. It also gives you what you need to clean the dust out of your computer, creating a healthier ecosystem overall.

Get organized

Start using organizers for office supplies to keep them all in their specific locations. This small investment will ensure that you aren’t always losing your supplies so that you can make the most out of your office equipment.

Dry away water rings

Water rings form over time in office environments from workers leaving drinks around. Luckily you can take out most water rings with a simple tool that most people have access to, a blow dryer. Bring a blow dryer into the office and dry out the spaces to remove the stain and leave you with a fresh spot once again.

Cleaning up your office takes time, but it’s worth the investment to ensure that you have a nice clean space to work in all the time. If you don’t have the time to take on all the cleaning tasks around your office, you can always rely on commercial cleaning services in AZ as well. Good commercial cleaning in Mesa, AZ, will make sure that you have a beautiful office space that’s free from debris and distractions.