7 Ways to Make Your Monday Happier at the Office

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • January 12, 2018
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Coming into the office every Monday can be challenging. Most especially when you see the dust settling from the weekend. On top of that, the work that has to be done is waiting for you. Needless to say, starting off your workweek could never be duller.

Feeling this way could then bring down not only your work but your company as well. That is why it is necessary to create a happier and more positive working environment for employees to kick-start their week. A happy office attracts positive energy that increases employees’ efficiency. Below are ways you can improve this…

1. Fill Your Office Space with Happy People

Consider hiring employees who have a positive and happy disposition. These people are essential when it comes to spreading good vibes to those who need it. Consider them the life of the party. And if more and more catch on their good energy, then you will surely see more of them becoming eager to work.

2. Hire Good Natured People

Also, when it comes to hiring other people aside from your employees like weekly janitorial services, it helps to have those people handling the Tempe window cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning in AZ and ceiling cleaning Phoenix to bring in a positive energy also. Having a good-natured team who does your cleaning services not only makes your office space clean but positive as well.

3. Foster Camaraderie

There is nothing that beats a good office relationship to keep your employees happy. As with the friends that surround us, the people at work whom we feel comfortable with are enough to make us want to stay. So foster camaraderie by encouraging people to greet each other. Make the working environment be nicer. A little “good day!” surely goes a long way.

4. Take a Break

By taking a break, we mean taking a couple of minutes or an hour off your work. This could either be a coffee break where you can talk with your office mates or even a company outing—if you prefer a full day of not thinking about work. Surely, these activities will completely energize your employees back to work.

5. Create a Clean Environment

A clean environment removes the irritating feeling that clouds the minds of working people. When the place is a mess, to begin with, working can also tend to be chaotic. That is why a clean working environment is necessary to keep people sane and in control. Regularly check with your janitorial staff or cleaning services about your office’ sanitation. Talk to your Tempe window cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning in AZ and ceiling cleaning Phoenix.

6. Encourage Goals

Another thing that drives people to happiness is their goals. Encourage them with their own personal conquest and be a good support system. They will surely appreciate it and will make them happier.

7. Give Positive Remarks

Acknowledge your employees or office mates’ good efforts by giving them praises. Also, it helps to point out about other positive events that have happened to give them good energy.