6 Simple Ways for Managing Commercial Cleaning Costs in 2018

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • January 10, 2018
Commercial cleaning in Tempe, AZ
Commercial cleaning can take a toll on clients, often because it is difficult to manage. What with the varying costs of cleaning services, it can be very confusing to stay on top of. But with us here at Compass Cleaning Solutions, we can provide you with high-quality services that are very simple to manage. No matter the type and no matter where you are—from window cleaning Scottsdale, ceiling cleaning Phoenix, to commercial carpet cleaning AZ—we can make cleaning simple! Here are six ways we make managing costs simple.

1. Quality Cleaning

Compass Cleaning Solutions believe in making our customers truly satisfied. What set us apart are our professional and customer-oriented services. This means we pay very close attention to detail when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your commercial office or building. Every crevice and nooks, you can count on us to keep those in check.

As a result, you can expect to pay less since our cleaning service is spot-on. There will be no need to constantly clean those areas that only require weekly or monthly cleaning instead of regular. Because we can give you quality cleaning, you won’t have to worry about unnecessary cleaning.

2. Free Quote

When choosing to work with us, you can expect for transparency. This means whatever service you choose, you can truly anticipate the price we give with our free quote; be that a window cleaning in Scottsdale, a ceiling cleaning in Phoenix, or just some commercial carpet cleaning in Arizona No buts and ifs. We can give you a breakdown of the costs to help you manage your commercial cleaning costs better.

3. Fair Price

Compass Cleaning Solutions give you a fair price. We aim to give you the right and fair amount of price according to the type. We can help you determine by properly evaluating your space as well as your current needs. You may find that your building may need some weekly or monthly cleaning service other than regular. But there is no need to fret about the costs as we can fully back you up with options and details upon consultation.

4. Right Cleaning Specification

We look at each of the areas of your building and properly allocate them the cleaning they require. At Compass Cleaning Solutions, we can give you options for regular cleaning, weekly, and monthly cleaning. Furthermore, you can trust us to be sensitive to your situation. If you want something more manageable, then we can look into it and designate the right cleaning service.

5. Conservation

Another thing that you can trust us with is conservation. We won’t be wasteful by using the wrong cleaning equipment as it can affect your electric bills. If you just want to have window cleaning in Scottsdale, then we will only use the proper tools to do that. No fancy schmancy. The same goes for other services like ceiling cleaning in Phoenix and just some commercial carpet cleaning in Arizona.

6. Environment-Friendly Products

Like conservation, Compass Cleaning Solutions is known to be a Green company. We use environment-friendly products and tools as well as methods to give you the best cleaning experience with us. We don’t believe in using products that are Ready to Use (RTU) and Ready to Dilute. Not only are they harmful to the environment, their also costly—both in money and in safety.