5 Keys to Improve Surface Disinfection in Your Medical Facility

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • March 07, 2018
Medical office cleaning

Understanding proper surface disinfection techniques for your office building is vitally important when at a medical facility. If you're in charge of a medical facility or the cleaning procedures it follows, it's a good idea to consider investing in a medical cleaning service to maintain the area. If you do decide to handle the cleaning duties yourself it's important to follow the proper procedures to maintain proper surface sterilization throughout the facility. Below are five tips on how to properly clean a medical facility.

Use the Right Cleaning Supplies

One of the keys to proper medical-grade commercial cleaning in Phoenix is to use medical-grade cleaning products. These are cleaning agents that are rated to kill 99.9% of all bacteria, viruses and illness-causing microorganisms. Top grade medical office cleaning in Phoenix makes heavy use of professional grade cleaning supplies that have been carefully tested and proven to work for medical level cleaning every single time. It's these types of supplies that are relied upon in hospital environments where disinfection is vitally important.

Relying on Medical Cleaning Tools

When paying for professional medical office cleaning in Phoenix, it's vital to hire a company that makes use of the right equipment. There are specific cleaning tools that are utilized such as the Jan-Pro that ensures that the cleaning disinfectants reach the surfaces that need to be cleaned off most of all. The right tools for the job are essential for ensuring that the cleaning supplies can do their job properly.

Following Careful Medical Standards

Employees that offer janitorial services in Phoenix for medical environments should be very familiar with medical standards from organizations like OSHA, the CDC, and AORN. Top level company offering medical office cleaning in Phoenix hire employees that are well trained for these different standards and that understand the different regulations and rules focused on medical cleaning itself.

Training Cleaners Carefully

Cleaners for the top medical cleaning companies are trained very carefully. Commercial cleaning in Phoenix is an important business and any cleaners that you have working your facility should be trained very carefully about how to use the equipment and the different cleaners properly. Without the necessary training facilities will not be cleaned completely and will be left in a state that could lead to people getting sick over time. That's not what any medical facility wants.

Commercial Cleaning in Phoenix

Checklist Based CleaningChecklist based cleaning is an important technique that many of the best companies offering medical office cleaning rely on. By taking the time to make sure you hire a company that uses checklist cleaning techniques, you'll know that you're getting through and consistent cleaning results every single time.

Medical cleaning properly requires careful attention to detail, the right cleaning supplies, perfect cleaning techniques and consistency over time. The right janitorial services in Phoenix for your business will combine each of these features in order to give you a safe and clean environment.