3 Secrets for Keeping Carpets Safe During Summer Cleaning Season

by Compass Cleaning Solutions • May 22, 2018
Summer carpet cleaning
Carpet is a major investment for your business and something that you want to preserve for as long as possible. Your success will depend on how well you do with carpet cleaning and maintenance throughout the summer months. Proper maintenance and professional carpet cleaning will keep your office space looking great. Without using the best cleaning methods and services your carpets will likely suffer over that same period.

Clean Regularly

Blot up any substances that fall on your carpet as soon as possible and be sure to vacuum your space several times a week to keep the carpet in the best shape possible. The fewer contaminants you allow in your space, the more likely it will be to look nice and for the carpet to remain in top shape over time as well. If you don’t stop to clean regularly your carpet will become soiled and will wear out more quickly. If you don’t have the time to regularly clean your space you should think about hiring a company to handle professional carpet cleaning for you. They will come in and keep the space cleaned regularly and leave you with less worries about summer carpet cleaning or the best cleaning methods that you should be using yourself.

Carpet cleaning methods

Avoid Powders and Harsh Solvents

The best cleaning methods for your carpets are those that use mild cleaners that won’t damage the fibers of your carpet. Of course, there might be some serious stains that need harsher cleaners to come out properly now and then, but it’s best to use a safe and mild cleaner on your carpet whenever possible. By using a more mild cleaner you won’t have to worry so much about suffering damage to your carpet and aging your space prematurely as a result. Summer carpet cleaning shouldn’t be a time to do harm to your carpet, so be careful about what you use for the cleaning itself.

Use a Professional Service

Even if you do clean your carpets regularly with the carpet cleaning methods that are approved, it’s important to hire professional carpet cleaning services as well. Commercial carpet cleaning in AZ is an important service to use because these professionals have deeper and more powerful cleaners that will get your carpets as clean as possible. While you don’t have to use them all the time, these professionals will help keep your carpets looking good for years longer while helping you make the very most of your space over time.